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UX design microinteractions

DTU course 02809 UX design prototyping

Michael Kai Petersen

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of UX design microinteractions

Michael Kai Petersen, PhD

micro is about getting
the small things right
little functional details generate a design from
triggers rules feedback loops & modes
microinteractions are
initiated by triggers determined by rules
illuminted by feedback
defined by loops
controlled by modes
triggers initiate what
users want to accomplish
or can be system driven
based on a change of state;
what where how often will
determine the affordances
rules determine
subsequent behaviors;
as rules are invisible
software uses metaphors
to illustrate interactions
"sync files in the cloud"
feedback responses
convey information
matching the action;
creating a personality
from subtle haptics
to loud audiovisuals
loops and modes
define the state ..
as conditions change
should rules expire
automatically or only
when turned off ?
as MVP philosophy
signature moments

embrace constraints
as in facebook "like"
apple "siri" twitter "#"
what would be essential microinteractions in your MVP prototype related to
triggers ? rules ?
feedback ?
loops ? modes ?
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