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clay ahrberg

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of skateboards

How many skateboards are sold each year? this is a skateboard.
there is 4.8 billion dollars worth of skateboards sold each year in North America. Skateboards consumers are getting younger, they now range in age from 10 through 20. With each deck costing an average of 50 dollars there would be about 96 million sold per year in North America. Last years alien workshop skateboards was the number 1 selling skate board in the world. Skateboards are made from a variety of materials, some are mixed with wood and composite materials. The reason for composite materials. Materials like carbon fiber give the deck more pop, which allows the skater to ollie higher, and it also helps prevent damage to the board. All skateboards have 4 essential parts that allow it to function properly. Deck Trucks Bearings Wheels Skateboarding took a long time to become popular but each year more and more people start and skateboard sales are growing constantly.
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