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Successful Drupal Sites

No description

Digital ArchiTechs

on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of Successful Drupal Sites

Hiring a web developer is a big
commitment. We understand how use the Internet. people As a result we build web sites that are solutions to business challenges/goals. We also also good people. And we believe that successful relationships are built on a foundation of sharing and open communication.

So today we are going to share a few things we've learned from more than a decade of building web solutions for clients. The Stages of Grief
Redesign Why is this taking so long?
Does our developer even own a razor?
Why can't we just [fill in the blank]?
But they [fill in the blank] on Yelp.
What's this invoice for? The Development Step 3: Confusion Why is this the experience of so
many businesses who approach us? because... while designers can make your site pretty
and programmers can make your site work
neither of them can tell you how to SELL YOUR STUFF. a service 99% of websites sell something... a product an idea to somebody (who is not your mom) To sell stuff on the web,
here's what you need to know: Define "is" search engine optimization customer conversion We launched our site.
It looks pretty.
And blue.
It cost more than my house
I have a bazillion questions
Seriously, what's this invoice? Step 4: Relief The Launch Our site sucks
It hasn't been updated since 1992
Nobody visits
Nobody buys anything
We need a new website...
Yesterday. Step 1: Anger The Realization Let's hire a great designer!
My nephew knows one!
Our site will be amazing!
It will be purpose-driven/synergetic/other buzzwords!
Let's make it blue! My wife/boss/dog loves blue! The Design Step 2: Excitement Our site sucks
Nobody knows how to update it
Nobody visits
Nobody buys anything
We need a new website...
Didn't we just launch one? Step 5: Anger Redux So let's make it easier for you. We are We understand social media email marketing (oh, and kick-ass developers) strategic thinkers
business leaders
marketers Design
Marketing 2000 Marketing
Programming 2011 In 2011 your site relates to the web
- and to your customers -
very differently than it did in 2000, 2005, and even 2010. your site search SEM social media advertising This man is NOT President. In 2011, we have to stop thinking about sites:

is it blue?
does my mom like it?
does it replicate our brochure?

and start thinking about solutions:

does it increase brand awareness?
does it improve organizational efficiency?
does it deepen relationships with customers?
does it differentiate us from competitors?
does it sell our stuff? Four essential things to consider
BEFORE programming begins #1 Primary Target Companies don't browse the web, people do.
Identify the one person most likely to need your services.
There may be several targets, but only one primary.
This person is your new best friend. Know everything about them. #2 Customer Behavior What are your primary target's web habits during each phase of the consideration cycle?
Search behavior (key words)
Sources of information
Competitors visited
In other words: what do they do online when they are most likely to buy your stuff? #3 Value Proposition Provides concise, compelling reasons for the customer to buy your stuff.
Clearly positions you among your competitors, and establishes your points of difference.
The Aha! Moment: When your customer says "I get it; this is exactly what I need." #4 The Funnel Before we explain the funnel, consider the following:

There are over 250 million websites on the Internet
The average web user spends less than 5 minutes on each non-social site.
Your primary target is NOT an exception.

A working funnel: Gives visitors with short attention spans a clear sense of direction
Guides them towards doing what you want them to do Do this while making the visitor think it's exactly what s/he wants to do. The best funnels: in other words... Mom. <3 Drupal responsive scalable well-documented standards-based cross-browser this is value proposition. our open coders who get code... people
who get
people... oh, and we'll SELL YOUR STUFF. and a team that gets YOUR team.
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