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Grade 6!

No description

Rubab Choud

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Grade 6!

Let's start this presentation! Grade 6 There are 24 kids in our class.
12 girls and 12 boys. That's what I like. There are even numbers of girls and boys. So for gym, if we ever have to partner up, no boy or girl has to be like "Ew!!" Know what I mean ? There are 11 kids from Willow Way
and 14 kids from Whitehorn. Wow! So far we did this art puzzle where we
had to color it in. It turned out to be soooooo good! We are also collecting money for
Terry Fox. Are you collecting money? If you are, how much did you collect so far? Come on! If not the 1st, we can still be the Grade 6 class with the most money! That's all for my presentation. Thank you for listening or watching! Bye!
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