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Peer Leader Roles and Responsibilities

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Learning Communities

on 10 January 2015

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Transcript of Peer Leader Roles and Responsibilities

Understanding all aspects of what a PL does.
Peer Leader Roles and Responsibilities
Group Facilitator
Network with faculty and campus professionals
Encourage students to interact with faculty, advisors, fellow students, and other UC professional staff
Practice effective referral
Plan and implement LC visits
Connector Role
Six roles, one Peer Leader.
Group Facilitator
Learning Coach
Learning Coach
Inspire a Shared Vision
Model Positive Behaviors
Enable Group Productivity
Challenge Students
Cultivate Co-Leadership
Be resilient!
Reflect on & Improve Leadership Skills
Leader Role
Co-worker Role
Implement the Learning Outcomes
Establish a safe, respectful, inclusive and productive climate in the LC
Promote a buy-in with your LC students
Engage your LC in assessing and enhancing group dynamics and productivity.
Model "deep learning"
Facilitate the students understanding of their instructor's learning outcomes
Encourage development of students' co-leadership, interaction with faculty, utilization of academic support services
Facilitate purposeful study groups
Mentor Role
Mentor in multiple contexts
Continuously improve mentoring skills
Extend Mentoring To Include All Aspects
Coach Goal-Setting
Encourage Seeking Additional Mentors
Be mindful of Boundaries
Refer, Refer, Refer
Follow Through On Weekly Duties
Respond to Emails Promptly
Complete Surveys Promptly
Devote 8 Hours Per Week to PL Job
Plan Meaningful LC Meetings
Actively Participate in PL Meetings
Be on time!
Productively Utilize Office Hours
Support Re-enrollment
Promote Completion of LC Evaluations
Why So Many Roles?
The FYE Mission is that PLs will target all learning areas of first year development.

By mastering all roles, you can have the maximum impact on your students.
How do I master
all of these roles?
Use Your Resources:
Peer Leader Meetings
Peer Leader Captain
Fellow Peer Leaders
Lesson Plan
Resource Guide
Continuous Reflection & Improvement
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