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Aladdin: A Hero's Journey

Step by step walk through of Aladdin and how it follows the hero's journey.

Jake Hart

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Aladdin: A Hero's Journey

A Hero's Journey

Michael Brown and
Jake Hart The call
Aladdin received his call to adventure when he was caught stealing and sent to prison. The evil sorcerer, Jafar disguises himself as an old man and helps free Aladdin. There is a catch though, Jafar wants Aladdin to collect a lamp for him that is in the Cave of Wonders. The old man tells Aladdin of riches and wealth he can have if he completes this simple task. Challenges The Threshold The Transformation/Apotheosis Aladin faces many challenges through out his journey. His first quest or challenge is to fetch the lamp from the Cave of Wonders for Jafar. It would have been easy if Abu wound not have touched the treasure. Luckily they had the magic carpet to save them from being engulfed with lava or being hit with a falling boulder. The second challenge Aladdin faces occurs when he becomes trapped in the cave. The genie helps Aladdin get out. A couple more challenges he has is trying to marry Princess Jasmine and then save her and the palace when Jafar steals the genie and tries to take over. The threshold or starting point of Aladdin's journey begins when he enters the Cave of Wonders. This is the threshold because it's the jumping off point for the adventure, its the unknown world filled with challenges and dangers. In the Cave of Wonders there are piles of gold and other riches. The cave tells Aladdin and Abu not touch anything but the lamp.
When they arrive at the lamp, Aladdin tries to read the inscription on the lamp but when he rubs it to try to read it better a genie appears. During this step on the hero's journey, a moment of death and rebirth must happen after the hero has conquered their AbySS. There is also a change in the way they think or view life. This step is very crucial because its what makes them a different person. When this is completed the hero becomes the person they always wanted to be.
Aladdin transforms when he does the right thing and wishes the genie free instead of using his last wish to become a prince so that he could marry Princess Jasmine. This is his transfomation because he loved Jasmine but knew that the genie deserved to be freed and that there are other things more important than himself. The Return & Gift When Aladdin is about ready to go Jasmine's dad runs out to them and announces he has changed the law and a princess can marry who ever she feels worthy to be a prince. And with this new law Jasmine chooses to marry Aladdin. Thus giving Alladin the greatest gift of all. The gift of love. The End!!!
Hope You enjoyed!!!! The Descent As Aladdin descends into the cave of wonders he
is leaving his known world behind and traveling
into the unkown new world which he will have
to learn to overcome. The Atonement After Aladdin is finally able to defeat Jafar and make the Genie return to normal he discovers new self values and discover a new and batter outlook on his life and new strengths Unusual Birth Aladdin was born a street rat, he had no home or money and he lived in a abandoned building with a beautiful view of the palace. He had a pet monkey named Abu, who helped him steal food from the stands in the market. Aladdin's childhood and life was quite unusual considering he had to steal to survive and never had any parents to raise him. Special Helpers Throughout a heroes journey the hero shall encounter many special helpers and friends along the way. From the beginning Aladdin has Abu who helps him with his stealing. When he enters the cave of wonders he meets the magic carpet who helps him to escape and in the lamp he meets the genie. All these characters help him in some way. The Damsel In Distress Over the course of the film Aladdin's love interest Jasmine constantly finds herself in a dangerous situation and Aladdin has to come and rescue her.
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