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The Shining Mountain

No description

Annemarie Gruhn

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of The Shining Mountain

The Shining Mountain
Alison Fell
1: Write down the fairy tale elements you find in the story:
Once there was, hero, goodness, transformations to swan and a good ending.

3a: Why is the girl called Pangma-La?
Mountain, tall and proud. (p 18, l 5)

3b: What has Pangma-La's father done to become famous?
Famous Mountaineer. (p 18, l 10)
3c: What does the father want for his daughter?
Stand up tall and proud and to climb the mountain. (p 18, l 7)

3d: How does he prepare her for this?
Balance finely on high tops of walls, shin up sheer rocks by toe- and finger-holds (p 19, l 3)

3k: Why does Pangma-La accept her help?
Not disappoint her father.
Thank you!
3e: What is her mothers attitude?
Worried and afraid.(p 19, l 5)

3f:Why won't Pangma-La's father let the Sherpa men carry their loads?
Strong and climb the mountain alone. (p 19, l 33)

3g: What is the fathers' attitude for the Sherpa men?
Rude, scornful. (p 19, l 38)

3h: What are her feelings for her father and mother?
Disappoint, (p 19, l 2), Dad: Hero. (p 18, l 14)
3i: Why hasn't Pangma-La's father seen the Sherpa woman?
Did not need help. Focused

3j: How does the old Sherpa woman help Pangma-La
Carry her stuff, clothes and heart.(p 20, l 20) (p 20, l 28) (p 21, l 5)
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