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Creative Industry: Software

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on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of Creative Industry: Software

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(statistic from Apple diversity report)

Software development is a field dominated by men. This does not mean that there are not female developers, just that they are small in number.

They play important role for the future of the software industry.
Understanding Software
Software industry for employee
(statistic from Google diversity report)
less than

of Computer Science bachelor's degrees were awarded to women at US PhD-granting institutions in 2010.
In 2010, only
of computer science graduates are
, down from
in 2000.
(According to the NSF.)
strengthens decision-making
more innovative
We can all stand to benefit from a more

workforce. (A report from the Anita Borg Institute)
Women often see things differently to men, and find different solutions and uses for software than men.
Women are increasingly consumers
'It was harder for me to gain the same level of respect...'
Diversity of thought contributes to innovation. Research shows that groups with greater diversity solve complex problems better and faster than do homogenous groups (Page, S. 2009).
Women are increasingly consumers

when developing a new product, software programmers should consider gender as a factor

In the male-dominated software industry, although there is no intention to not design for women, but the truth is that speedy decision-making contributes to gender bias

(Hentry,C, 2009 )
nowadays, the software industry has raised concerns on the lack of women, and showed attitude to invite women to join.

It's a boy's club, and you have to
'It's a boys' club, and you have to try to get into it, and they're trying as hard as they can prove you can't.'
'I'm also very good at my job, and as a technologist, I want to be recognized for that and not because I have breasts.'
'In engineering, whoever owns the code, they have the power.'
Examples of strategies:
invest $50 million to a college fund and National Center for Women and Information Technology
program called ‘ what is Tech Women?’
Through mentorship and exchange to expands girls’ interest and capacity
flexible working programme and financial sopport for women
Do women have a place in the software industry?
Creative Industry: Software
Defining & Understanding Software
Understand society



The most important thing is a


(Steve Jobs 1995: 13)
Software is a

not a assistant (Steve Jobs 1995: 13)
Software is not just about product, it is about


Elements of


is are all around you
Each person not only responsible for his own work, but he is responsible for other people too

Perseverance and Passion
Problem solution and co-evolution
Reasoning & Communication
Problem should be well defined, structured and formulated clear
Explore new applications you never work with
Time management
Artistry, Creativity, Innovation
Software is about how to build things, how to take things apart, put things back together

(Steve Jobs 1995: 2)

Quality Requirements
Work In Software Industry
Software is complex cognitive process where a decision making plays a major role

(Tang & Aleti 2010: 614)
For employees, the software is the 'element' in which they are moving, rather than a working tool which they are using

(Mayer-Ahuja &Wolf 2009:216)
Lara Alberto, Yuriy Danylchenko, Lishi Ni & Lingxin Kong
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Webster points out that family structures and female roles vary across countries, but overall, women continue to be the primary provider for domestic and childcare responsibilities. (2002)
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Google diversity report (2014) Making Google a workplace for everyone, www.google.com/diversity/at-google.html#tab=leadership (accessed on 09/03/2015)

Size & structure
Discussing gender issue: Do women have a place in software industry?

Software Industry For Employees
Software industry is the future, we change the world
Right time & right place
Software Industry need women
Software Industry is for elites & professionals
Tang & Aleti (2010) What makes software industry effective.
McKinlay & Smith (2009) Creative Labour
Computer World (1995) Steve Jobs interview One-one-one
The History of Software
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates
Apple's OS is proprietary.
Apple designs its own hardware
Microsoft license its OS to other computer companies
There over 10 million software engineers employed worldwide.
Structure and Size
By the year 2020 there are expected to be more than
1.4 million job openings relating to computers, and only enough graduates to fill 30% of them
According to
Software Magazine
, the top 500 companies in the computer software and services industry generated $640 billion dollars in revenue in 2012.

“People who own ideas have become more powerful than people who work machines,
and, in many cases, more powerful than people who own machines”
John Howkins
Michael Ortner (2014) The history of Software, http://www.capterra.com/history-of-software (accessed on 06/03/2015
Grad & Johnson (2012)Collecting the History of the Software Industry, IEEE Computer society
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Microsoft Windows (2013) A history of Windows, http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/history#T1=era, last accessed on 13/03/15
Miller, T (2004) A view from a fossil, SAGE Publications, 7, 55-65
Transference applied to the world of goods can be seen as the attachment of unconscious wishes to external objects.
The act of consumption then provides us with pleasure knowing that we are not just purchasing an object but also the potential to feel differently about the self
(Campbell, 2005)
Brands demonstrate an inherent capacity to bring individuals together, opening up access to communities of users based on “shared knowledges and pleasures”
(Partigton, 1991)
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