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Book Report for The Mark of Athena, by Rick Riordan

My book report

Kiara Thompson

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of Book Report for The Mark of Athena, by Rick Riordan

By Rick Riordan Main Characters The main characters are seven demigods.
Jason Grace- son of Zeus, very powerful and vain, can summon lightning. Thalia's brother. Piper's Boyfriend.
Percy Jackson- son of Poseidon, Very powerful. Annabeth's Boyfriend.
Annabeth Chase- Daughter of Athena. Wise, always has a battle plan, or strategy. Percy's Girlfriend.
Piper Mc.Lean-Daughter of Aphrodite, can charmspeak very well. Has a cornocopia. Is Jason's Girlfriend.
Leo Valdez- son of Hephestaus. Good with mechanics, can speak to some machines. Re-made Hestus, and created ARGO 2.
Frank Chang- son of Mars and the legacy of Poseidon. Can change into whatever animal he wants, but life depends on a stick of wood.
Hazel Levesque- Franks "Girlfriend" Daughter of Hades. Come back from the dead. Nico's "sister", Can sense precious jewls underneath the Earth. Supporting Characters The Gods, except Athena.
The Water Nymphs
Gaea Plot The plot of this story is to continue the story of the heroes of Olympus from the last book. The seven main demi-gods are going to find the twin giants who are trying to destroy the old City of Rome, kill the seven demi-gods, and their friend, and Hazel's "Brother." These demi-gods must cross the safety line and get out of their comfort zone. They have to face around twice the amount of monsters they usually do, because Gaea is sending her worst children and the worst monsters she has. Annabeth also has a seperate quest. She was giiven a silver coin by her mother, and instructed to follow the Mark of Athena. Opinion My opinion, wow. Well, to start I LOVE Rick Riordan, and I have been waiting for years and years, it seems. I first became hooked onto Rick Riordan, after I read the first book in the first series. After that, while I was waiting for a book to come out, I read some of his others. This book coninued the last book and he is an AWESOME writer because he explains vividly and makes you feel like you are right next to the demigods as they go on their quests or hang out at Camp Half-Blood. This book, I think, was one of the best books that he has ever written. I defiantly recommend it for any-one who is looking for a good book or a good series of books. Rising Action The Rising Action in this book is when the group is all together. They are on their way to save Nico de Angelo. They are all in a pretty good mood and then they aren't worried at all. When they get to the place where Nico is, they all can tell that he is ok. They try to rescue him and successfully get him out of the big tube that he has been imprisoned in for the past couple of days, or weeks in. They save him and then............................................................... The conclusion of this story is not as happy as it would seem. At the end, Annabeth has to face the big scary monster of Arachne. The queen of all spiders. Arachne hates Annabeth and she especially HATES Athena! Annabeth, on the oher hand is deathly afraid of spiders.That is exactly what Aracne is! Annabeth manages to trap Aracne in her own weaving, and Percy and the rest of the crew of Argo 2, finds them and everything is looking great, when, all of a sudden, a single strand of thread wraps itself around all of the other one's that Annabeth is covered in. Annabeth is pulled into Tartaurus where she had just pushed Arachne. Percy grabs her andthey both fall down, down, down, down........... The Mark of Athena Conclusion
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