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The Parts of Speech

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tameika tank

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of The Parts of Speech

The Parts of Speech
Galaxy When writing, it is useful to be
able to identify the parts of speech
and their functions within the

In doing so, you will be able to
ensure that your writing is correct. Verb Function: expresses action or a state of being. When analyzing a sentence, look for the verb FIRST. Luke Skywalker LEARNS the way of The Force. The Jedi FIGHT for peace in the Galaxy. Anakin and Obi Wan SEARCH for Senator Amidala's assassin. Leia IS a Princess. Han Solo SEEMS to be an unsavory character. Master Yoda LOOKS as if he is not a formidable opponent. Mace Windu and Qui Gon Jin ARE powerful Jedi Masters. Nouns and Pronouns Adjectives Adverbs Words used before nouns and pronouns to relate them to other words in the sentence. Prepositions Connectors of words, phrases or clauses; may be either coordinating or subordinating Conjunctions The Parts of Sentences
Galaxy Nouns name people, Places And things Describe or modify a noun or a pronoun Take the place of nouns. HE is a Jedi. THEY entered the Pod Races. The Sith realize the Jedi are THEIR enemies. Subject Verb Direct Object Indirect Object Modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs.
They end in -ly often. UGLY Greedo tried to kill Han Solo. The goal of the PEACEFUL Jedi is to vanquish the EVIL Sith from the universe. FAT and DISGUSTING Jaba the Hut watches the pod race. Han Solo QUICKLY makes the jump to hyperspeed. Darth Vader ANGRILY threatens to destroy Leia's home planet, Alderaan. The word that a Pronoun replaces is called the ANTECEDENT.

When writing, one must remember that the pronoun must agree in number and gender with its antecedent. The Jedi are sure (THEY / IT) have defeated the Sith. This rule applies even if the pronoun and antecedent are not in the same sentence. Luke and Leia are brother and sister. However, THEY do not know that when THEY first meet. Frequently Used Prepositions:
about beneath in to
above beside into toward
across between like under
after beyond near underneath
along by next to until
along with down of up
around during off upon
at except on with
before for outside within
behind from over without Often, prepositions introduce PREPOSITIONAL PHRASES.
Prepositional Phrases are easily confused with the subject of the sentence because sometimes they come between the subject and the verb. Remember these rules about prepositional phrases and you will be able to recognize them.

1. Prepositional Phrases always begin with a preposition.

2. Prepositional Phrases always end with a noun or pronoun. This is called the Object of the Preposition. Activity! Identify the prepositional phrase and the object of the preposition in the following sentences: The Death Star in the sky next to Alderaan is a menacing image. Luke Skywalker lives in a hut in the desert on Tatooine with his aunt and uncle. Han Solo hides his smuggled goods in the secret compartment under the floor in his ship, the Millennium Falcon. The ships of The Empire's soldiers crashed. The senators from the planets in The Galactic Republic vote to settle disputes. The people in the pod race spent many months preparing for the race. When analyzing the structure of a sentence, mark out the prepositional phrases after you identify the verb. These verbs are also called linking verbs. Coordinating Conjunctions are also known as
F or
A nd
N or
B ut
O r
Y et
S o Coordinating Conjunctions are used with commas to connect two independent clauses. The comma goes before the coordinating conjunction. Anakin joins The Sith, and he turns his back on the Jedi. R2D2 has a mission from Leia, but C3P0 does not know about it. Placing a dependent word in front of an independent clause makes it a dependent or subordinate clause (one that can no longer stand on its own as a complete, correct sentence).

Some subordinate conjunctions:
because if what
although when where
after as as soon as
while until which
since who that Remember your AAAWWUBBIS words. Because he is a Jedi, Anakin is not allowed to get married. Although he was warned about the Darkside of the Force, Anakin is tempted by it. Yoda would not have gone into hiding if he had been able to defeat the Emperor. If the subordinate clause is at the beginning of the sentence, it requires a comma after it. When analyzing sentence structure, find the verb FIRST! Activity! Find the verb in these sentences. Padme will have twins. Obi Wan knows about Anakin and Padme's secret marriage. Qui Gon Jin could be a Master on the Jedi Council but he will not follow the Jedi Code. Jedi run, fight with light sabers, read, and learn to control the Force during their training. The VERB of a sentence carries the action, if any, and directs that action to and from other words in the sentence. LINKING VERBS function as connectors for related words. The SUBJECT is what the sentence is about. Subjects are usually nouns or pronouns, but they can also be clauses or phrases. Find the subject after you find the verb and cross out all of the prepositional phrases. Activity! Find the verb, prep. phrases, and subject in the following sentences. Luke Skywalker lives in a hut in the desert on Tatooine with his aunt and uncle. Han Solo hides his smuggled goods in the secret compartment under the floor in his ship, the Millennium Falcon. The senators from the planets in The Galactic Republic vote to settle disputes. Don't forget to underline the HELPING VERB too! VERY IMPORTANT! Subjects and Verbs MUST agree in number:
A SINGULAR subject requires a SINGULAR verb.
A PLURAL subject requires a PLURAL verb. Darth Vader (destroy / destroys) Alderaan. The members of the Jedi Council (discuss / discusses) whether they should permit Anankin's training. Padme and Anakin (marry / marries) on Naboo. Han Solo and the Rebel Forces (go / goes) to Endor. The receiver of the action To find the D.O. find the verb and the subject and then use them in a question ending with "what" or "whom." Remember! Direct Objects can be compound (connected with and). Direct Objects can be clauses. Direct Objects are nouns or pronouns. The recipient of the action To find the Indirect Object, ask yourself "for whom" or "to whom." REMEMBER! Only sentences with Direct Objects can have Indirect Objects. Common verbs that take indirect objects:
bring give lend send
buy offer sell Activity! See the worksheet! A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... Remember the Cat and the box!
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