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No description

sh ya

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Photography1

Photography comes from the Greek words
'Phos' meaning light and 'Graphi' meaning
to write or draw. Definition HISTORY OF Ancient Times Camera used to form
images on walls in
dark rooms. PHOTOGRAPHY 16-17th Century Brightness in cameras improved
and they were made portable, 1880 First Kodak camera
was made. 1907 The first colour
film was made MODERN
PHOTOGRAPHY modern day No longer takes hours develop a photo, cameras are more portable, image quality improved Fun fact Did you know
The LARGEST photographs in the world are made by stitching smaller
images together. Did you also know that There are 12 Hasselblad cameras on the surface of the moon. Famous photographer Ansel Adams was an American photographer and environmentalist best known for his black-and-white landscape How much was this camera camera sold for? a) $1 thousand
b) $1.5 million
c) $2.8 million it was sold for $2.8 million. this camera is the worlds most expensive camera and Only about 12 that are known to still exist Answer photos this year will end up on Facebook. a) 10%
b) 20%
c) 30% What percent of all photos this year will end up on Facebook? Answer About 20% of all photos this year will end up on Facebook, its library already contains 140 billion photos. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! BY SHAFIKA
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