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Child Custody

No description

Kiorri Richardson

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Child Custody

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Child Custody
Mother's Perspective
traditionally men worked and women stayed home to raise children

we assume mother-child relationship over father-child relationship

women are more nurturing
Father's Perspective
Mother doesn't want the child

Mother is incompetent

Mother cannot support financially(no stability)
What do I think?
Impact on Society
"Tender Years" Doctrine: children under age of 8 was generally given to the mother

"Best Interests of the Child" eliminated Tender Years Doctrine

most suitable character
child's relationship with each parent
best home environment
financial status
parent's motive for custody
primary care taker

What is?
"The right and duty to care for a child on a day-to-day basis and to make major decisions about the child"

Physical Custody: whichever parent the child physcially lives with.

Legal Custody: the parent that makes decisions about issues of health, education, and welfare.
Even though custody is more likely to be awarded to mothers, I believe the judge is impartial. I don't think any parent should "automatically" be awarded custody
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