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Late Middle Ages - Nation States

No description

Christopher Speich

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of Late Middle Ages - Nation States

The rise of Nation -States
Large group of people sharing a common
language, territory and government.
Rise of nation-states in Europe marked the
end of feudalism.
The first nation-states were England, Spain
France, and Russia.
Edward "the confessor" dies with no heir to the throne.
Council of Lords selects Edward's brother in law Harold to rule
Edward's cousin William, Duke of Normandy disagrees
Invades England (from France)
Two meet in decisive Battle of Hastings
William "the conquer0r" wins, Harold dies.
Forever known as Norman conquest.
William crowned
Christmas day
1066 AD.
Successfully unites
England during his reign.
King Henry II
Inherits English throne in 1154
Reforms justice system.
Changes laws to reflect
accepted customs.
legal system based on court decisions.
Common Law applies to all of England.
Develops the first jury system.
King John
Son of Henry II
Weak and
abusive ruler.
Forced extreme taxes
and misused power.
1215 Nobles forced John to sign Magna Carta.
Magna Carta
Document that
limits the Kings
Protects citizens from
arrest and imprisonment except by judgement of his peers or law of the land.
Now referred to as
"Due Process"
Hugh Capet
Before 1000 AD Kings in
France ruled over feudal
territories not a kingdom.
Capet is elected to the vacant throne by nobles.
Capet makes the
throne hereditary
(father to son).
Capet and his
heirs slowly increase royal power.
Uh Oh Big Bada Boom
HUNDRED YEARS WAR!!! (actually 116)
1337 - 1453 England v France
English rulers were trying to
hang on to the French land
of their ancestors.
(NORMANS.....william the
Early victories for the English.
1346 - Crecy
1356 - Poitiers
The turning tide!
1429 French teenager asks Charles "the Dauphin" to lead army against England
God told her to save France.
Battle of Orleans (French win!)
1431 English capture her
try her as a witch, and burn her at the stake.
500 years later the Church declares
her a Saint.
Hundred years war - French win?
Defined both countries as Nations!
(especially France)
Christians fight Muslims to
regain control of Spain.

Campaign to drive out Muslims is
called Reconquista.
Lasts 700 years!
Spain united when two royal cousins marry.
Moors are driven out in 1492....
so are the Jews!
Holy Roman Emperor Charles V
Expands Spanish empire
with colonies and lands
in the Western Hemisphere
(aka Caribbean!)
1230s they
take over
(kiev rus)
Kept power for
240 years (1440)
Ivan the "Great"
Becomes Czar
(or leader) of
Unites Russia (beats Mongols) marries Byzantine princess!
Adopts Byzantine customs!
Eastern Orthodox move!
Moscow becomes
new Eastern Orthodox
Helps unite Russians around Moscow (Nationalism!)
Nomadic people
from Central Asia
(now known as
United under Ghangis Khan in 1206
Her name was

Joan of Arc
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