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Compassion Fatigue Solutions

Ashley Evans

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Self-Care

why it happens,
how to know it's happening,
and ways to stop it. Why Does Compassion Fatigue Happen? Day in and day out, we struggle to function in care-giving environments that continuously present heart-wrenching, emotional challenges. Affecting positive change in society is sometimes perceived as elusive, if not impossible. This can take its toll on everyone from full time employees to part time volunteers. Eventually, negative attitudes can prevail. Why Does Compassion Fatigue Happen? Why Does Compassion Fatigue Happen? How do you know if
compassion fatigue is happening to you? Excessive blaming

Bottled up emotions

Isolation from others

Voices excessive complaints about administrative functions

Substance abuse used to mask feelings

Compulsive behaviors such as overspending or overeating

Ways to stop compassion fatigue Be kind to yourself.

Exchange information and feelings with people who can validate you.

Listen to others who are suffering.

Clarify your personal boundaries. What works for you; what doesn't.

Express your needs verbally.

Accept where you are on your path at all times, and if not,

Take positive action to change your environment.

And my personal favorite, laugh, and try to remember why you do this. Poor self-care (i.e., hygiene, appearance)

Chronic physical ailments such as gastrointestinal problems and recurrent colds

Apathy, sad, no longer finds activities pleasurable

Difficulty concentrating

Mentally and physically tired


Denial http://manbabies.com/popular
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