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Emerging Leaders - HCMC - 05122015

No description

Matthew Werder

on 22 January 2018

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Transcript of Emerging Leaders - HCMC - 05122015

....lead first, manage second...
Hello me!
Leadership @ HCMC
January 17, 2017 - Emerging Leaders
Leadership Lesson #103
What are your personal goals?
What is your passion?
What inspires you?
Do you have support?
Who inspires you?
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Lesson #001

Leader Story
Remember who you are, Matthew.
-My mom, Nancy Chamberlain
Critical learning moments
Timing, risk, passion, and perseverance
60,000 pages
16 mentors
6 great bosses + two horrible ones

Not a part time job
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Leadership Lesson #209
It is ok to fail.
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links to various leadership videos
leadership is found in unique ways
leadership cathcism
gerey ring binder
steps along the path to leaderrship
bring a special gift - small toekn to remnd you of the great responty leaders have
have fun
Personal advisory board
Thank You!

This presentation is available at:

Leadership Moments Prezi:

And posted on Yammer<Emerging Leaders and in your hcmed.org email

Ask what and how.
Say, "I don't know"
Remember who you are.
Love your job.
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