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stampylonghead and iballisticsquid!

No description

duck commander

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of stampylonghead and iballisticsquid!

Stampylongnose and Iballisticsquid!
Stampylongnose plays Xbox Minecraft and Terraria. He also plays Disney universe.
Squid always has fun in Squids sky island challenge he modifys his little theatre screen he made and kids choose his challenges by making videos and appear on the screen.
Stampy and Squid also have a series called quest to kill the Ender dragon.
we are looking at stampys point of view.
Iballisticsquid is another youtuber and also plays Minecraft Squid and Stampy are good friends both Xbox and also friends in and reality.
this is a picture of the real stampy and squid
Stampy and Squid always have another friend he doesnt make youtube videos but hes in squids and Stampys videos he is a big help his name is l for Leeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Leeeeeeee and Squid.
Stampy has tons of friends that help him in his videos like Squid Amy lee 33 Finball L for leeeee and Rosie 833.
Stampy and Squid love to play with each other on teams on Minecraft Hunger games.
Squids real name is David Spencer. Stampys real name is Joseph Garret.
stampy and amyleee.
Stampy and Squid also play Adventure maps like the Dropper the Omega Colony and an Mc miracle map built for Stampy and Squid.
These 2 pictures are of Stampy and Squid playing the Dropper.
the real squid.
Stampy and Squid play all sorts of games together like minecraft and terreria there friend ship has grown and become best friends trough xbox and reality.
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