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madison landry

on 23 November 2013

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Transcript of O2L

What is O2L?
O2L stands for "Our Second Life"

Our Second Life is a group of 6 Guys that make daily youtube videos about anything and everything

Who is in O2L?
The 6 guys in O2L are:
Kian Lawley (19)
Connor Franta (22)
JC Caylen (18)
Ricky Dillon (21)
Sam Pottorff (18)
Trevor Moran (16)
How Did O2L Start?
O2L started when Kian and Sam became friends in high school and made a youtube chanel called SamKian13

This was their first video
How Did the Other Boys Get in O2L?
All of the other boys had youtube chanels back then, that are now deleted now but Kian and Sam met them at Digi-Fest and disided they were going to start a collab chanel. Then they picked a random name and started making videos.

This is their most recent video:
JC Caylen and Kian Lawley

Fun Facts
Sam dated Acacia Brinley

Kian has his own fandom and they are called Lawleypops

There used to be a 7th member of O2L his name was Ricardo

JC always says "Stay Cloudy" What he means by this is, keep your head in the clouds, dream big, know what you want and go for it. He loves this so much he even got a tattoo
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