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Observing and Measuring Properties of Matter

No description

Mindie Caraballo

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Observing and Measuring Properties of Matter

Ok, super smart second grade scientists....
It's time to put your thinking caps on and think like a SCIENTIST! We already know the difference between
solids, liquids, and gases... So...boys and girls... How can you observe and measure
What's a property?? A property is kind of like an adjective...
it helps you describe and tell about the matter. Some properties you can observe with your senses, and some you have to measure with scientist's tools. Take this plate of chocolate chip cookies... I can tell you about these cookies by describing

Let's start by using our senses to observe these cookies. FIrst up....I will use my EYES to SEE the cookies.

I can see the SHAPE of the cookies. They are round like circles.

SHAPE is a property of matter.

I can see the COLOR of the cookies. They are brown.

COLOR is a property of matter. I can't wait any longer...
I have to use my TONGUE to TASTE these cookies!
The way something TASTES is a property. You use your NOSE to SMELL these cookies.
Saying that they SMELL sweet, fragrant,
or aromatic is describing one of its properties! Mmmmm!!!
These cookies TASTE
sweet, chocolatey,
and delicious!! TEXTURE is another property that
you can observe with your senses.
You use your fingers to feel the matter and you can describe the texture. This cookie feels crumbly,
hard,and bumpy! There are some other properties we can observe.
I can describe these properties just by watching
what happens.
When I put my cookie in a glass of milk, I can watch to see if it floats to the top, or sinks to the bottom! Saying if the cookie SINKS or FLOATS is a property of my cookie!

When I put a magnet to my cookie, I can watch and see if it sticks to it! If it does, I say the cookie is MAGNETIC. If it doesn't, I say it is
NOT MAGNETIC. Now...I know we all have our smarty pants on,
but there are some properties that even a
super smart second grade scientist can't tell
without a little help!

I can look at my cookie and tell you that it is
small compared to an elephant, but I can't tell
you EXACTLY HOW small it is! I would need a scientist's tool
to tell you EXACTLY how small
my cookie is. I would need to use a ruler to MEASURE the SIZE
of my cookie. SIZE is a PROPERTY of matter. I could pick up my cookie and tell you that it
is lighter than an elephant...but I couldn't tell
you EXACTLY how light it is. I would need
a scale to tell me. An object's WEIGHT is a
PROPERTY. If my chocolate chip cookies just came out of the oven, I could pick one up and tell you that it feels HOT!!!


But I couldn't tell you EXACTLY how hot it is without using a thermometer. A thermometer measures just how hot or cold something is! An object's TEMPERATURE is a property! VOLUME means how much space something takes up. You find an object's volume by putting it in a container of liquid. This can get complicated. That's ok! We will learn more about that later. For now, let's just measure the volume of our glass of milk. The volume is different than the weight. We will use a liquid measuring cup to find the volume of our glass of milk! Using scientist's tools
makes me feel super
smart!! So...boys and girls....do you remember our mustache question??

How can we measure and observe properties of matter??

Just think about my round, brown, sweet, delicious, aromatic, bumpy, crumbly, floating, not magnetic,
2 inch, 6 ounce, 71 degree chocolate chip cookie that I can dunk in a 12 fluid ounce glass of white milk!!
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