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Clara Barton

No description

r b

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of Clara Barton

Early Life
Clara was born on December 25, 1821. She was born in North Oxford, Massachusetts. She had 5 kids in her family. Dorthy, Stephen, David, Sally , and herself.
After that experience she went to the Colonial for a job to help in the hospitals for wounded soldiers. He said that was no place for a women. Only when she told him about her three warehouses full of supplies did he give in.

Clara arrived at Culpeper, Virginia, August 13, 1862. When she got to the battle site wounded men were waiting for her care. She made bowls of army biscuits crushed and mixed with wine, water, and brown sugar. Her nickname is Angel of the Battlefield.
First Job
Clara was ready for another challenge she found one. It was to find missing soldiers. She also stood in the mocking crowds while the soldiers marched through the streets and got stones throne at them. Then she dragged the wounded men out of the streets and cared for them. She also raised money for supplies by being a public speaker.
Other Jobs
In September 1873, 51 year old Clara came back to America from London. She came back to see her sister Sally. Sally had just returned from Europe it turned out Sally come down with cancer when she was away and had died. When Clara found that out she was sick with grief unable to take care of herself. She said she felt good for nothing and worse than nothing and a trouble to everyone.
New Challenge
On May 21,1881, Clara was elected president of Red Cross. In September 1881, there were forest fires in Michigan. Thousands became homeless. Red Cross came to help they gave money and supplies. Barton retired in 1904, to Glen Echo, Maryland and died there on April 12, 1912.
American Red Cross
Clara Barton
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Clara Barton
On May 1877, Clara found a new challenge she was going to try and found a Red Cross in America. She wrote to Louis Appia, a representative of Red Cross in Geneva. She asked him if she could create a Red Cross in America. Appia gave her permission and appointed her representative of Red Cross in Washington D.C. Now all she needed was to convince Congress to accept the treaty and recognize Red Cross. She showed the treaty to President Garfield he liked the idea and sent her to the state department. The state department objected though they said since there is no war why is it needed? Clara had a ready answer, natural disasters like food and famine threaten lives and Red Cross would be ready to help. It worked!!!!!!!!
When her brother David fell off of the barn roof Clara declared she was going to be David's nurse for two years and she was only eleven years old!
When Clara was seventeen her parents suggested her being a teacher. To shy to argue Clara became a teacher.Clara was a great teacher. She taught at difficult schools to handle. When the school board of one school offered lower pay then they paid men Barton refused. The school board voted higher pay for her. After ten years of teaching Clara enrolled in Clinton Liberal Institute. Her mom died while she was at school. She left the Institute sick with grief.
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