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Intro to Inference

No description

Courtney Long

on 18 April 2016

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Transcript of Intro to Inference

Making Inferences
What is an inference?
is when you
between the lines and take clues from a story to decide what the author
telling you.

Text Evidence
Prior Knowledge
(what you already know)=

Why are inferences important?
does not always give us all the
we need to understand what we are
When do we make inferences?
Ex: If your friend comes up to you breathing heavily, sweating, and drinking Gatorade, what can you infer that he's been doing?
The STAAR test is filled with Level III questions (
) that require you to make inferences in order to
When you told your favorite joke to a friend, you hoped that your friend would "get it." You wanted him or her to make an inference!
When a
makes you (the reader) figure out information in a story
telling you every last little detail, he wants you to make an
Analyze this cartoon.
What are the clues?
What do you already know?
Explain why is it suppose to be funny?
You could also use inferencing techniques to help when answering words in context questions
For example, when you are given the sentence: "The homecoming celebration was
, with people wildly shouting and cheering, blowing whistles, and pounding on drums."

You can infer "raucous" means... Noisy! Wildly shouting and cheering, blowing whistles and banging on drums are all noisy.
Lucinda and Sam have been best friends since kindergarten. They've never let anything come between them- not even that time Lucinda crashed Sam's new dirt bike. They hang out together, share the same friends, and enjoy the same jokes. Every day at school, they stop to talk to each other in the hallway before fifth period. Today Lucinda has been waiting near Sam's locker, but she hasn't seen him yet.

The passing period between classes is almost over. Knowing she'll be late if she waits any longer, Lucinda heads for her science class. About halfway down the hall, she sees Sam rushing to beat the bell. Lucinda calls, "Hey, Sam! How's it goin'?" Sam glances at her, gives her a dirty look, and then turns his head away. Lucinda shivers.
What's going on?
Even if you don't know Lucinda and Sam, you can figure out what's happening in the story by connecting the details. Let's examine some of the facts we already know and see what else we can figure out.
How do Lucinda and Sam usually feel about each other?

What do they usually do before fifth period?

What happens before fifth period today?

What does Sam do when he sees Lucinda?

Now, based on what you already know, answer the following question.

How is Sam probably feeling when Lucinda sees him in the hallway?
A. angry
B. playful
C. delighted
D. frightened
Define the word
What is happening in the story below?
He put down $10.00 at the window. The woman behind the window gave $4.00. The person next to him gave $3.00, but he gave it back to her. So, when they went inside, she bought him a large bag of popcorn.
Let's Practice!
Tommy and Sarah just got off the school bus. Sarah said, "I smell smoke." Tommy pointed and yelled, "Sarah, look at the smoke coming out of that house!" In the next moment they both heard what sounded like a fire engine siren.
The passage suggests that-
A. The house is on fire, and someone called to report it.
B. The house is on fire, and no one called to report it.
C. Someone was burning leaves in the back yard.
D. This was a fire drill.
Maria was on the flag squad that preformed at half time during football games. It was the first game hat her grandparents and uncle Luigi attended. Maria waved her flag while looking for her family in the large crowd. Just as she spotted her grandmother, her greatest fear came true. She lost her grip on the flag, and it started to fall. Even though she caught it quickly, Maria's face became red. she felt as if she had make a horrible mistake and everyone was staring at her.

The passage suggests that Maria almost dropped her flag partly because she--
A. was thinking about the football game
B. wasn't strong enough
C. was looking for her family
D. was frightened by a loud noise
One of the rarest animals in the world is the Tasmanian Devil. I'm not talking about the one you see in cartoons, but the real wolf-like animal that lives on the island of Tasmania. Every few years someone claims to see one, but they never have proof. A few years ago , some scientists who were studying plants found a skeleton, teeth, and some skin in a remote area of Tasmania. They were excited as they believed they found the remains of the rare Tasmanian Devil. They drew a picture of what they thought the animal may have looked like when it was alive. The scientists then sent the picture along with the skeleton, teeth and skin to Washington D.C.
The passage suggests that did the scientists probably did what with the skeleton, teeth, and bones?
F. Sent them to a country with more experienced scientists
G. Made clothing, jewelry, and other ornaments out of them
H. Studied them carefully and compared them to other animals
J. Sold them to museums that displayed them
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