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100% pure fake

a gross book with tons of wacky pranks!

arman atharinejad

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of 100% pure fake

100% pure fake! road rash! the original pure fake blood! oddball eyes Ewww... ahhh..... hello friend. nice wart aaaaaaaaaaaa look at the size of that! now this prank... i hope it is 1 of your favorits
btw you will not get a book better than this one. never in your entire life! warning:this does
not work on zombies i would give this book 10* just because of this! i hope you are thinkink "dang, i need to reed this book" because boy would i be thinking that! get your dog in big trouble! the best prank you will ever do.
so,this is the end of the prezi. but dont worry! read the book for more devios pranks. the end . non fiction but very fun! tons of gross pranks! imagin the possibilitys! my fave book! dead=still fave you could get tons of emotions grossed out,suprized once,a boy got stabed by a stick in our school.it was fake,but everyone screamed! THIS NOW is my fave prank! finally done... not in the book!
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