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Group Project- Comm 356


Ashley Sisino

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Group Project- Comm 356

WHAT IS INTERCULTURAL CONFLICT? the real or perceived incompatibility of values, norms, expectations, goals, processes, or outcomes between two or more interdependent individuals or
groups from
different cultures. What is Micro Frame?

The micro frame examines cultural orientations to conflict in communication styles. It focuses on an individual-based interaction. Micro-Frame Meso-Frame This type of framework allows us to consider the impact media, economic factors, and geopolitical asymmetries have on intercultural conflicts. Macro-Frame Multi-dimensional framework of analysis for intercultural conflict Micro-frame Meso-frame Macro-frame Source of Conflict:
Cultural Orientation
Communication style
Conflict style
Situational factors Varying styles of communication shaped by culture can be sources of misunderstanding and conflict in intercultural communication High Context- In high context communication an information can have different meanings, it needs additional information to encode to understand. Most of the information is already in the person, very little it encoded in the message. Low Context- In Low context communication the mass of the information is already vested in the message. Less attention is placed on gathering meaning to the message. Media-
- Example Economic and Political Factors-
- Arizona Legislation
- Immigration Industrial Complex (3 parts) Geopolitical Power Inequities
- Example How can more conflict
come from this? Allows us to the address the influence of
group based prejudices and ethnocentrism, as well
as cultural histories and identities on intercultural conflict. Three Factors in
Meso-framework..... Prejudices, Ethnocentrism, and Racism Cultural Histories and Cultural Identities Power Imbalance SNOWBALL FIGHT! Conflict Resolution: Intercultural Praxis 1) Inquiry: desire and willingness to know, to ask, to find out, and to learn 2) Framing: becoming aware of the individual, cultural, national, and regional frames. 3) Positioning: consider how our geographic positioning is related to social and political positions. 4) Dialogue: process allows us to stretch ourselves to imagine, experience, and creatively engage with points of view, beliefs, etc. that are different from our own. 5) Reflection: necessary to initiate, maintain, and sustain dialogue across new and difficult terrain of the intercultural praxis. 6) Action: use our understanding to make a difference
in the world; take action. CONFLICT
Communication 356
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