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Tomorrow When The War Began ~ Leadership Multi-Modal Present

No description

Izzy Morlin

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of Tomorrow When The War Began ~ Leadership Multi-Modal Present

Tomorrow When The War Began ~ Leadership Multi-Modal Presentation
By Izzy Morlin 8V
Ellie Linton
Ellie is the leader of the group. It was Corrie and Ellie's idea to go on a camping trip, before their last year of school began.
Ellie is a typical 16 year old farm-girl. She isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. She loves her friends and family. Her two best friends Corrie and Homer, both country kids as well, came on the trip.
In the film "Tomorrow, When The War Began" Ellie Linton is portayed by the Australian actress,
Caitlin Stasey
Leadership Qualities & Skills
Throughout the story, Ellie showed many leadership qualities.. these consist of:
Ellie is brave…
“That was the first moment at which I started to realize what true courage was. (CHAPTER 7)
Ellie is loyal...
Always takes responsibility for her friends safety. Loves her family and friends.
Ellie is a risk-taker...
Sometimes in life you are faced with tough situations. A good leader is should be able to take risks. In this story Ellie took many risks such as: Blowing up the lawnmower and drives the tractor to rescue Lee.
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler may not have been the nicest person, and killed thousands of people. But that doesn't mean he wasn't a good leader. Hitler had some highs and some lows throughout his life.
Adolf Hitler was born on the 20th April, 1889. He was born in Gasthof zum Pommer at Braunau am Inn - Austria
Greatest Achievements
Hitler may not have been the nicest person or did the nicest things towards people, but he did have some very high-level achievements.
Won 1st & 2nd Class Iron Cross
Adolf Hitler received the Iron Cross award in both first and second class.
Iron Cross was used as a symbol of the German Army (1871 March ~ 1918)
It was soon replaced with a "bar cross"
Reintroduced as an award for Germany Army in 1939.
Cross symbol typically in black with a white or silver outline.
Brought Germany out of "Great Depression"
Two days after Hitler became chancellor, he addressed his nation via radio.
He pledged that in four years, Germany would overcome unemployment.

"The German farmer must be rescued to maintain the nation's food supply and in consequence the nation's vital foundation"

"The German worker will be saved from ruin with a concerted and all-embracing attacking against unemployment.

Obstacles & Challenges faced
Hitler was regularly abused by his father - as he was an alcoholic.
His mother died of cancer at the age of 47.
Hitler applied for a career in architecture but was quickly rejected due to his lack of education.
Hitler applied for a scholarship at the Academy of Fine Arts, but was also declined for the second time.
After the second rejection, he ran out of money. He was forced to go and live under the homeless shelters and ate at charity soup kitchens.
Attempted to sell some advertisement posters and some artwork to make money.
1918, Hitler became hospitalised with temporary blindness from a gas attack
Fought for country
took control - leadership
Ended Great Depression in Germany and increased 21% employment
thinks positively
self-chosen leader
reluctant leader
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