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Entertainment Media's Affect of Adolescenses

Explores the correlation that Movies, Television and Video Games with adolesences.

Marissa Intrieri

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Entertainment Media's Affect of Adolescenses

Entertainment Media's Affect on
Adolescences Marissa M. Intrieri
Senior Project 2012-13
May 20th, 2013 Television Video Games Movies, Television & Video Games Movies How does watching
affect behavior? How does watching
affect behavior? How does playing
Video Games
affect behavior? Causes violent tendencies Makes people aggressive Shows people how to use weapons HOWEVER... a VIOLENT PERSONA! Does not equal... There is no such thing as CAUSALITY! "Because he played Call of Duty
He killed those people" This CANNOT be proven Yet
It is a common accusation THE ARGUMENTS There is a "line" between WHO TAKES THE BLAME Games like these... ...which are all rated Mature 18+ Many underage people have these M rated games

Games and companies have to suffer and take blame for unruly behavior VIRTUAL BLOOD VIRTUAL GORE GAME CLIP Now after watch that:

Do you feel influenced to kill people?
Do you feel desensitized from watching all the killing and death?
Do you feel aggressive? Yes No [Noun] A form of play or sport, esp. a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck. Games: Thanks for Listening
:) THE ARGUMENTS What people see they think is acceptable Makes people aggressive THE ARGUMENTS Kids try to imitate what they see Video Games are just Games Examples of Movies taking blame: Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Fast and Furious Perks of Being a Wallflower The person DECIDED, on their own terms, to do them Movies don't MAKE people do commit those actions They didn't FORCE them to commit those acts Common Knowledge: "Anything generally known by everyone" People with common knowledge would know: Movies are not real life
Movies use actresses and actors
Stunts are not to be tried at home
Movies are made for entertainment Movie Clip Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Not many people criticize the violence or moral aspects of Harry Potter In this clip alone: There are children held captive
Adults fighting each other
Kids fighting
A man being murdered in front of his godson
The protagonist being taunted and influenced to get revenge Because it Can NEVER be real Magic is NOT real Witches, Wizards, Mythical Creatures
are also NOT real Harry Potter is PG Most parents tell their kids who are the good people and who are bad We see images and associate it with an action or emotion
Sometimes people associate or interpret it a little bit differently People believe that because it is you controlling the avatar, that it leaves a bigger impact. Why? Video games allow people to interact To Conclude: Entertainment Media
INDIRECTLY Affects Adolescences As for the young adults;
They should know right from wrong Counter Argument REALITY FANTASY Desensitizes people Same arguments as Movies Also: Reality TV influences kids to act out and shows them the how to act. Counter Arguments TV is for entertainment Parents should be monitoring what their kids watch People should take responsibility for their actions At those young ages is when they need to learn what is accepts and what is not. Play: [Verb] Engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose Psychological Reasoning Schizophrenia Sociopath Dissociative Identity Disorder So many other reasons to explain why a person behaves the way they do Main TV Issues: Reality Television Cartoons for Kids "Saturday Morning Cartoons" have too much violence. Reality TV gives America a bad representation and influences children to act out. Simple Solution: Parents should be involved with what heir children watch Kids are at the vital learning stage Counter Argument Just for Fun Stress Reliever Competitive Only a Game Reality Check Kids should be taught what is acceptable and what is not.
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