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No description

Heather Barth

on 14 September 2013

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Transcript of E-commerce

B2C Business To Consumer
Large Companies typically use Fulfillment centers
The Delivery of Ordered Products or Services
Impact of e-commerce on the NZ fashion industry
E-commerce is the term for any type of transaction that occurs via the Internet.
Hosted VS. Not hosted
Easy to use
Less design control
Lower initial cost
Higher ongoing cost
Business hosts it
Business owns it

Last year
worldwide e-commerce sales
topped $1 trillion dollars
This is expected to grow by
18 % this year
Mobile e-commerce
is growing twice as fast as

Higher initial cost
Lower ongoing fees
You host it
You own it
Cheaper than self housing own inventory
Reduces shipping and handling costs
Can more accurately forecast operating costs
Indirect control
Store receives the bad reputation, not fulfillment center
Fulfillment companies avoid taking responsibility for damage
Virtual Store
Payment & Legalities
Customer Service

1 out of every 10
ecommerce $$$
is now spent on either
a smartphone or tablet
Virtual Store
Platforms & Market Places
Payment & Legalities
Payment Providers
Terms & cond.
Do they store your personal information?
Is it safe?
Do they sell it?
Do they loose it by accident?
One of the benefits to using a platform is the added security
Is the provider PCI compliant?
Credit card
Debit card
Bank transfer
Customer Service

Faulty Product
Didn't Arrive
Wrong item
Social Media
Search Engines
38% of users recommend brands they
Benefits of social media
Drives Traffic
Information Base Camp
Easy Engagement
Meeting Place for Brand Enthusiasts
Ave of 60 Billion searches per month
Is the search engine on your website successful?
Assists company growth
Promote fashion brands & events
Brings NZ fashion to the International market
1978 = 2 person company in Palmerston North
2013 = $350 million dollar company
Online community for brands to come together
Less local shopping in city centers
NZ consumers $$$ leaving NZ economy
Presentation by......
Charlotte Webb
Heather Barth
Lucy Jeon
Seuem Lee
Sereana Bebenisala
Question Time
More fashion options
International brands
Can't try on or look at
Returns & Exchanges
Shipping Risks
Advantages & Disadvantages
of e-commerce for
fashion consumers
Thank you for your time
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