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Fantasy Band Project

No description

Joseph Leiter

on 31 January 2015

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Transcript of Fantasy Band Project

Fantasy Band Project
They would release a studio album to benefit charities. Funk all Night would always use donations to help people in need. The record would be all original songs. Maybe 9 or 10, but a lot of them are longer and drawn out for other people to remix and play in clubs.
I am no where near worthy to work with this group of artists, but if I did, I would employ some of Rick Rubins techniques that he used when producing the Beastie Boys. I would also communicate closely with RZA to give the instrumentation an old school feeling and help bring it to life. Bootsy Collins would also help co produce, as he is one of the forefathers of funk music.
I would call this project Funk all Night
Obviously a play on words, much like the word funk used to mean. It would be a good feeling, funky rap and hip hop project that could also stand to have political and social issues stated within the music.
Here are some examples of the musical differences in the three acts coming together

Fantasy Band
I chose to combine the funky grooves of the J.B.s with the Main Performer being theBeastie Boys, and the Wu Tang Clan would provide backup and artistic input.
The J.B.s were most prominently comprised of
John "Jabo" Starks
Bootsy Collins
Phelps "Catfish" Collins
The Beastie Boys were comprised of
Mike D
They infuse a party sound with hip hop and rock. They could front the funk groove rock project

The Wu Tang Clan is a hip hop collective from Staten Island. Their members are so various that I have chosen 2 to work on this project as co-producers
Method Man
Doing it to Death-The J.B.s
The Beastie Boys-Sabotage
Method Man- Bring The Pain
I would market them by using the Charity work, by helping others, people notice. Get their first single from the record on the radio and throw a huge charity event with them playing. People would come out and hear it. It would also be a song that clubs would use and other DJs would remix. With all of these methods implemented, their word would spread far. Inevitable tours would happen, all to benefit charity after expenses are covered. I would want them to sign to an indie label of their choosing to help boost that label.
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