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A2 PE lesson on Aggression - supporting information

alun thomas

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Aggression

On the sheets in front of you, answer the questions in the space around the picture.

You have 8 minutes Objectives/Learning Outcomes:
By the end of the lesson, all pupils should be able to:
Differentiate between Hostile & Instrumental Aggression and Assertion in sporting situations.
Understand four theories of Aggression.
Explain one of the theories of Aggression to others. Key Skills:

Problem Solving,
Improving Own Learning and Peformance,
Communication. Literacy strategies:
Reading graphical text,
Reading a written text (scanning). Aggression is a behaviour,
not an attitude or emotion.
Thinking negative thoughts
or wanting to hurt someone
is not aggression. Aggression is directed or intentional, accidental harm is not aggression.
Only acts intended to injure others are aggressive, whether they are successful or not. Aggression involves
living beings - kicking
your dog is aggression
but kicking your bench
is not. There are four main theories to Aggressive behaviour: Instinct Theory
Social Learning Theory
Frustration Aggression Hypothesis
Aggressive Cue Hypothesis TASK On the desk there are 3 readings on one theory.
Read (scan) the text and as a pair make 4 bullet points on the main findings.
(10 min) Nominate one person per pair / group (Ambassador)
The ambassador will rotate groups and teach the other groups their theory.
The remaining member will then teach each ambassador their theory.
(6 minutes per table)
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