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Corse france

No description

Courtney McNeil

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Corse france

Corse France Geography Cold winters
Hot summers
183 kilometers long
83 kilometers wide
200 beaches
many mountains
Surrounded by Mediterranean sea
Capital Ajaccio FOOD!!!! FISH AND CRUSTACEANS DESSERTS Civet de sanglier
Veau auxolives
Agneau corse Origosta
Soup de poisson Beignets
Flon a la farine chateigne Music Diovi salvi regina (religions song)
Tutti in piazza
Carnevaie di venezia MEAT DISHES Courtina McNeil Alizee Pic of attractions Tourist Attractions Castrddu d'Araghju
Porto Vecchio
Bonifacio old town
The Giranglia lighthouse on capo pertuato
Col de Bevella born August 21 1984 in Ajaccio
she sing in french and English(not a lot of song are in English)
plays the guitar and dances
she is 28
she has a daughter this island is where the native language is french but some also speak italian! Tino Rossi Napoleon Bonaparte Irene Bordoni Famous people from Cose actor Actress History 3000BC Inhabitation 540BC Greek colonized island 1500 Genoa had control 1755 Genoa got French help for rebellion 1769 Genoa is forced out by France THE END!
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