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Danny Hupfer

No description

John Casey

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Danny Hupfer

Historical Event
The Synacogue
The 8th Grader
During the 1960’s, students were allowed to leave school early on Wednesdays to go to their church, synacogue, etc. Danny went to Temple Beth-El on Wednesdays because he was Jewish. This helped to develop Danny’s character because he would be celebrating his Bar Mitzvah later in the book, and this helped him to recite lines from the Torah, sing, and happily celebrate his Bar Mitzvah.
The students are standing in the lunch line, and Mrs. Bigio is giving them “Something Surprise” when one of the 8th graders turn to Mrs. Bigio and says, “Don’t you have any Rat Surprise for her?” Danny dumps his entire lunch tray on the 8th grader’s head, and then punches him in the face and breaks his nose. Danny gets suspended for four days, which his parents use to take him to Washington D.C. This shows that Danny doesn’t think bullying is right, and that discrimination of Mai Thi just because she’s Vietnamese is unfair and wrong.
Wednesday, June 14, 1967
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Mickey Mantle
Historical Event
Opening Day
Mrs. Baker tells the class that Mickey Mantle is coming to town to sign baseballs, and many of them are very excited, including Danny and Holling. On the night he is signing baseballs, Holling is also in a play for Mr. Goldman. As soon as the play ends Holling rushes to the Baker Sporting Emporium. Danny is already there, and has just gotten his ball signed by Mickey Mantle. Holling asks for Mantle’s autograph, but Mickey Mantle says, “I don’t sign baseballs for kids in yellow tights.” Holling is devestated, but Danny stands up for his friend. He slowly puts his ball back on the table and says, “I guess I won’t be needing this anymore.” Danny doing shows how much he stands up for his friends and he believes in doing the right thing, no matter what.
In 1968, Danny, Holling and Doug all go to Opening Day at Yankee Stadium. After the game is over, Joe Pepitone asks them if they want to come down on the field. They do, and they throw and catch and hit baseballs for the rest of the day until it gets too dark. Joe Pepitone realizes Mrs. Baker ran an olympic race and went from 5th place to almost winning the gold medal. Pepitone also talks about Yankee Stadium needing renovation, and Mrs. Baker asks to meet the boss. Mel Stoddlemyre says if Mrs. Baker can hit his fastball, he’ll take her to meet the boss. Afterwards Mr. Hupfer drives Danny and Holling home, because Mrs. Baker stayed to meet the boss. Opening Day affects Danny, because even though the event with Mickey Mantle hurt him and Holling, he had one of the most fun days of his life during Opening Day.
Danny Hupfer
Danny is celebrating his Bar Mitzvah during the summer. For the weeks leading up to it, he is incredibly nervous. His friends keep reassuring him and telling him that he’s fine, but Holling does say that Danny was, “Ready to run away to California.” After the camping trip, it becomes time for Danny’s Bar Mitzvah. Danny recites and sings from the Torah and becomes a man.He smiles and cries, and as Holling said, “The miracle had come after all.” Danny was happier than he’d even been before and couldn’t stop smiling. This event helped devleop Danny’s character because throughout most of the book, even he though he stood up for himself and other people, he was immature during many moments, such as when he stuck wads and wads of gum under people’s desk. During the Bar Mitzvah, he became more mature.
The Bar Mitvah
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