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Poetry Project


Matthew Lee

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Poetry Project

Poetry Project Nature
Silent, Peaceful
Soothing, Amazing, Charming
Calming Sunsets near us
Relaxing, Adoring, Astonishing
Welcoming, Interesting
Environment Sunlight
Glaring, Blissful
Beaming, sparkling, dazzling
Shiny, Blinding - Timid, Mysterious
Glowing, Shimmering, Calming
Peaceful, Unknown
Moonlight Diamante 1: Wilderness Diamante 2: Average Day Sonnet : The Month of Fun

The daylight is long but the night is short.
It is the best time to go to the bay.
Specifically swimming near the port.
When you go outside, you will want to stay.

The seashore sparkling in the sunset.
Play volleyball with a yellow beach ball.
Why not take a walk with your frisky pet?
Even go to the immense shopping mall.

Laying in the shade under a tall tree.
Play games in the park like capture the flag.
If it starts to rain you will have to flee.
Summer is also great for playing tag.

Once the end of your adventure is near.
You will have to wait for summer next year. Imagery Poetry: The light of the Night

The stars shimmering and sparkling in the sky.
They are the beauty of the night.
They are like the brightest flashlight you'll ever

They are like a light tower.
Once one shiny star burns out like ash.
A new star grows brighter than the sun. THANKS FOR WATCHING! ENJOY! By: Matthew Lee THANKS FOR WATCHING!!! Alphabet Poem : Symphony

Decrescendo,Eighth note
Jingle, Kazoo, Lyric
Quarter note,
Ukulele, Viola
ziemlich Quatrain: (Bonus) typical cat I have a cat.
He wears a hat.
Until he got hit with a bat.
So he sat on the mat. +
Tongue twister: Steve the Sneaky Snake Sneaky Steve the snake slithered slowly to swallow his prey. Sneaky Steve snatched the stupid rat silently before it could sprint and squeal. Soon sneaky Steve fell sound asleep into a soothing dream. When sneaky Steve woke, the shiny sun slowly shined from the sparkling sea. Steve start snatching squealing stupid rats soon again. H
T e E a R L Y b r I D c T a c H e S t H e w r M o Cryptograms: Don't be Late Quatrain Poem (serious): Flying mystery There was a mysterious kite.
It was far within sight.
The boy searched for it through the night.
Until he found it on his right. The Early Bird Catches The Worm

Definition: The earliest gets the best choice
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