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The Most Popular Pets in Britain

No description

Medine Bilyalova

on 23 July 2014

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Transcript of The Most Popular Pets in Britain

Abbey Road
Oxford Street
Lime Street
Marylebone Road
This is Emily Brown. She has got a dog. Emily's dog's name is Bulya.
This is Carl. He has got a cat. Carl's cat's name is Garry.
This is a British cat. The cats can live in many countries, but most of all they are popular in the UK. Males can weigh 5-10 kilograms, females can be up to 5–7 kilograms. They can be red and cream with other colours.
This is Tanya. She has got Cardigan Welsh corgi. Tanya's dog's name is Alex.
This is a Cardigan Welsh corgi. The Queen of England loves this breed of dogs. Welsh Corgi - a small dog, their weight 13 to 17 kg and their height 260 to 315 mm. Bright golden colour wool, white markings on the face, chest and legs.
This is Megan. She has got a dog. Megan's dog's name is Mort.
This is a beagle. Males weigh 10–11 kg, females can be up to 9–10 kg. Beagles have a good sense of smell and are used primarily for hunting rabbits and hares. Their color is white with large black areas and light brown shading.
They are Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Sherlock has got a beagle. Sherlock's dog's name is Jack.
The Most Popular Pets in Britain
This is a British bulldog. Bulldogs can live in many countries, but most of all they are popular in the UK. The fur is short, flat, and sleek, with colours of red, white and other colours. Bulldogs are very good pets. They love children but don't like smokers and drinkers.
Made by Bilyalova Medine 6 "A"
Teacher: Avrashova A. E.

Baker Street
This is a bull terrier. It comes from England. Males weight 22–38 kg, males height 45–55 cm. Puppies brought up with cats and other animals get on well with the animals they know.
British people love their pets very much. The most popular pets are cats, dogs, parrots, fish, hamsters, horses and so on.
I am going to tell you about the most popular pets in Britain.
Thank you for your attention!
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