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Thermodynamic Engineering

No description

leah gebara

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Thermodynamic Engineering

Theories of energy and heat transfer. Thermodynamic Engineering The Type of Work People in this career are responsible for design, development, and testing of products and machinery. They are also inclined to give cost and time estimates as well as the usual required safety supervision. Where They Work Thermodynamic Engineers work in environments such as; offices, labs or industrial sites. Most commonly labs and industrial sites are monitor production. Salary Range Working Conditions The working conditions for this field consist of inside testing. People working with this area work in labs and offices. Majority of they time they will work in the office designing and developing products, while the hours spent in the lab are used for testing and monitoring production. Resposiblities People in this field are responsible for design, development, and testing. As well as supervising safety and quality control, and being able to give cost and time estimates on current products. Demand There is always a current demand for thermodynamic engineers. The better the demand is suited the more reliable better products and machinery are to be designed and built, upon greater option of choices. Education For this career you have to have an AB.S. or M.S. in Chemical, Mechanical, Environmental, Aerospace, Civil, or Biological engineering. To qualify for this career you also need to have a good concept on mathmatics and chemistry. High School Courses Depending on the school district, some high schools offer classes in engineering that may slightly cross the path of thermodynamics. Most of the time the basic ideas and principles are learned through various physics and chemistry classes. BY: Leah Gebara Currently the salary range for thermodynamic engineers is between $50,000 - $100,000 annually. As any other career the salary will increase with those who posses a higher degree in that field. Coffee Joulies Facts ~ Uses the study of heat and energy to develop human enhancing products
~Thermodynamics are use to make refrigerating systems
~The engines of air crafts are built involving thermodynamics for energy transfer
~Thermodynamics are use for steam energy in power plants Invention An invention from the field of thermodynamic engineering are Coffee Joulies. These most recently invented items are use for warm drinks. when the Coffee Joulies are placed in hot beverages they maintain heat release to reduce the temperature to a drinkable level. As the beverage sit and cools more the Coffee Joulies then replace the heat in the cup with the heat energy it had consumed before, keeping the drink at a moderate warm temerature. The Best The best part about working in this field would applying the natural laws of science to the ability to create inventions to improve society. The Worst The worse part about working in the field of thermodynamic engineering would be developing a low cost invention that would not cost the average costumer a lot of money to use, as well as a high quality product. Conclusion Question 1: I believe engineers will have a huge impact on our future. Everything we do, everything we need, everything based around society will rely on engineers. We look to engineers to provide easier more efficient products to improve our life. Engineers will have a tremendous impact on our future. Conclusion Question 2: I am not entirely sure about pursuing a career in engineering. Engineering seems like a wonder field that i would exceed very well in, but i have other fields such as music, and physic art (sewing) that have to remain an option in my life because both I am great at. If i could i would pick all three options. For now engineering will remain an option, but yes it does interest me as a job field.
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