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Android is an operating system originally designed for mobil

No description

Lana Luna Cortes Perez

on 30 November 2014

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Transcript of Android is an operating system originally designed for mobil

Android is an operating system originally designed for mobile phones based on Linux primarily designed for mobile devices, such as Touch screen Smart phones Or Tablet, Initially developed for Android, Inc. . What makes him different is that it is based on Linux, an operating system kernel open, free and multiplatform.
The logo of the word Android was designed with the Droid font, made by Ascend corporation.70 The green is the color of the robot that distinguishes the Android operating system.
The first cell phone with the Android operating system was the HTC Dream and was sold in October 2008.
One of the best features of this operating system is that it is completely free. That is to say, not for programming on this system or for inclusion in a phone there is nothing to pay.
And this makes it very popular among manufacturers and developers, because the costs to launch a phone, or an application are very low.
Design and development The system allows for programming applications in the Java programming language. The operating system provides all the necessary interfaces for developing applications that access the phone features (such as GPS, calls, agenda, etc.
Design and development
Is simplicity, together with the existence of free programming tools, make one of the most important things about this operating system is the amount of available applications, that extend almost without limits the user experience.
Android is considered as one of the most successful Business models . This operating system has become a model to follow for developers of business trends and high-impact. Android, in contrast to other operating systems for mobile devices, such as IOS or Windows Phone, develops s.l. in an open and can be access from both the source code.
which you have access to the source code does not mean that you always have the latest version of Android in a given mobile, because the code for hardware support (drivers) from each manufacturer normally is not public
The logo is the robot "Andy".
The versions of Android receive
the name of desserts in english

* Apple Foot,
*Banana Bread,
*Jelly Bean,
was an Android mobile operating system virtually unknown until in 2005 Google bought it. Until November 2007 there were only rumors, but on that date was launched the Open Handset Alliance, which grouped together to many manufacturers of mobile phones, chipsets, and Google and provided the first version of Android, along with the SDK to developers will begin to create their applications for this system.

rapidly has been positioned as the mobile operating system of the world's best selling situation that was reached in the last quarter of 2010.
in February 2011 it was announced the version 3.0 of Android, call with name in key Honeycomb, that is optimized for tablet instead of mobile phones. Therefore you have transcended the Android mobile phones to transcend to larger devices.
Conclusion :
At the end we can summarize that Android is a way to deal with the mobile telephony by Google, that understands these devices as a way to be constantly connected to the Internet.
Urbano Cortes Greta May
Tejeda Juan Jorge
thank you
Why we chose this topic?
We chose this topic because most people have a smart phone with this operating system and we believe that people need the information about of what they are using
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