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An Introduction to Physical Theatre

A look at the genre, practitioners and performances

Adam Stadius

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of An Introduction to Physical Theatre

The form, Practitioners
and performances Physical Theatre Physical Theatre What is Physical Theatre? . . Physical Theatre is a crossover between dance and drama where many forms of performance take shape. Many physical styles of theatre such as mime, Commedia dell'Arte, slap-stick, clowning etc can be categorised as physical theatre. Any movement-driven theatre can also be called Physical Theatre.

Many Physical Theatre practitioners share a collaborative devising approach to theatrical development and creation; various groups, such as DV8, Frantic Assembly, Complicite and the Double Edge Theatre all use differing but nonetheless devising-based processes. Some Physical Theatre Groups.... DV8 DV8 Physical Theatre was formed in 1986 and has been led since its inception by Lloyd Newson.

The company has produced 17 highly acclaimed dance pieces, which have toured internationally, and four award-winning films for television.

DV8 Physical Theatre receives regular funding from Arts Council England and is an Artsadmin associate company. DV8 has also received project support from The British Council. DV8 is a member of the ITC and Dance UK. Complicite Complicite is an internationally acclaimed theatre company, based in London. Led by Artistic Director Simon McBurney, the Company has won over 50 major awards worldwide.
Their work is predominantly devised and rehearsed over long periods of time, taking inspiration from various sources. Key Practitioner... Jacques Lecoq Founder of the L'École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq
Methods centered on physical improvisations and mask work, starting with the neutral mask (pictured)
Other exercises include the 7 Levels of Tension, Elements and Materials.
Inspired and trained practitioners such as Mcburney (of Complicite)
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