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Copy of All About the ITERS-R and ECERS-R

This Prezi is designed to serve as a tool to be used in Early Childhood classrooms.

Leanne Kirkpatrick

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of All About the ITERS-R and ECERS-R

What is ITERS and ECERS?
ITERS: Infant-Toddler Environmental Rating Scale
ECERS: Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale
In addition to toys and materials in the classroom there are also toys and materials located in the closet of each classroom.
Pictures displayed in the classroom must be changed out at least monthly.
It is important to discuss the child's day with the parent's upon pickup. Remember: Reinforce the positive.
There is a written record of each infant's day given to the parent DAILY.
1.3.2 Adequate lighting must be provided in order to properly supervise the children. For example, you must be able to see if a sleeping baby is breathing or see what a toddler is putting into his/her mouth.
1.3 Work orders are important.
Be sure to put a work order in for instances such as torn carpeting, holes in the walls, light bulbs out, or peeling paint on the walls.
1.3.2 Adequate temperature control means the room is kept at a comfortable temp. for children and staff. If children or staff are flushed and perspiring, or the other extreme then there is inadequate temperature control.
1.3.4 Spills are cleaned up promptly, before additional problems occur.
1.3.5 Be careful not to place active play materials into the cozy area.
Helpful ITERS Tips
Helpful ECERS Tips
Be mindful of the books that are on your shelves. It is imperative that we read all books before putting them out for the children to look at.
Have a least three living things in your classroom in order to score a "7". Ex. hermit crab, plant, fish, etc.
Follow your lesson plan during the evaluation.
Books, pictures, and/or audio/visual materials can be used to supplement children's hands on experiences.
Use a wipe to sanitize children's hands before entering and exiting the sandbox. Have the children wash their hands before entering and exiting the sand/water table in the classroom using the handwashing sink.
Manipulatives and other activities should be offered to the children and located on the tables each morning, upon arrival.
Family style dining means that the children are to set the table and the teachers must sit with the children during lunch.
Work on your room "Center by Center" to create an optimim ECERS environment.
Explanation of Terms Used
Throughout the Scale

Cozy Area
Poor repair
Insufficient Basic Furniture
Examples of soft toys include cloth puppets (even if they have hard heads or hands).
Poor repair means that there are major repair problems that present health and/or safety risks.
Ample Indoor space
To assess whether indoor space is ample, consider the various activity areas as well as routine care areas. Look to see if block or housekeeping areas allow plenty of free movement for children to play, as well as for storage and use of materials and equipment needed in the area.
means not enough pieces of the basic furniture needed for routines, play and learning.
Cozy furnishings must allow a child to completely escape the normal hardness of the typical early childhood classroom.
The cozy area may be used for short periods as a group space but it should be protected from active play for most of the day.
Many means enough supplies (toys, manipulatives, etc.) so that children do not have to compete over them.
Materials must be meaningful to the children to be considered appropriate.
Some in regards to art work means that at least two pieces of children's work are displayed and can be easily seen by children.
Gross Motor Equipment
GME includes anything provided for or regularly permitted by the staff to be used for stimulating gross motor activity.
Enough means that children have interesting options for gross motor play and do not have to wait long periods of time to use the equipment they choose to use.
Most requires that at least 75% of the children are greeted warmly, and any new staff member greets the children as well.
To give credit, the materials must be accessible at least one hour daily in a full day program.
If Staff only write children's names on the work, no credit is given for this.
Rarely Available
means activities with art materials are offered less than once a day.
Most Individual Expression
means that 85% of the time when art materials are used children can do "free art" and are not required to follow an example.
Various Types of Music
Means at least 3 different types
When labeling block shelves, use of printed words only without the graphic representation of blocks is not given credit.
Long Period of Waiting
means waiting without any activity for three minutes or more between daily events.
Read your ITERS and ECERS Books
Challenge Each Other
Learn Together Because...
Together We Can!!!
Take Pride in Your Work
It is a Reflection of You.

They may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel.
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