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present continuous


ines lobato

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of present continuous

Subject+present to be+ ....ing PRESENT CONTINUOUS Do you remember the
verb to be..? Present to Be + ..ing It is happening now I am
You are
He-she-it is
We are
You are
They are I am listening to music
You are reading your book
Susan is sleeping
Bob is eating his sandwich
We are learning English
You are writing an exercise
They are singing a song NOW
AT THE MOMENT She is drawing a picture at the moment draw WHAT IS SHE DOING? IT’S FLYING WHAT IS TWEETY DOING? Spelling rules: listen + ing = listening
die (-iey) + ing = dying
write + ing = writing
hop + p + ing = hopping
travel + l + ing = travelling VERB + ing (spelling rules) Questions Negative Are you listening? I am not drinking I'm not
You aren't
He-she-it isn't
We aren't
You aren't
They aren't Are you?
Is he?
Are we?
Are they?
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