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Who´s Robert colombo Llimona?

No description

Robert Colombo

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of Who´s Robert colombo Llimona?

Robert Colombo Timeline
Personal Background
Professional Life Overseas
in 2007 starts working overseas

GIS analysts, UNV-United Nations (UN). United Nations Mission in DR Congo (MONUC, 2007)

Map production, field survey development, troop training and workshop facilitator. Project Development on road navigation tool.

Muticultural experience
Life under hard conditions

Bachelors Degree in Geography (University of Barcelona 2000)

Postgraduate Studies in GIS (UPC, 2002)

Postgraduate studies in Urban Traffic management (UPC,2001)

AllButDisertation (PhD studies, UPC, 2006)

Postgraduate in Public Health (Brasilia,2014)

Academic Background
Brasilia 2014
Short term Researcher at University of Georgia on the topic of "Urban sprawl modeling" (2004)

SLEUTH modeling (test) project for Atlanta

How does road infrastructure impact on new urban centers and city expansion?
Born in Barcelona, Spain 1975
Married, 2 daughters

Athens, GA
Project manager on transport and urban analysis. Geographic information systems, traffic simulators and transport systems (CENIT2005-2007
Implementation of GIS structure on-site.
Transportation planning on diverse cities in Spain. Evaluation of city interventions.
Map production and interdepartmental link on GIS applications.

Project manager traffic, transport, urban space management and GIS. Researcher-PhD (CPSV-UPC 2004-2005)
Research on urban sprawl models for the city of Barcelona, transportation networks and land valuations.
GIS modelling with the use of Remote Sensing. Map production and database development.

Project Associate on Traffic, transportation, urban indicators and geographic information systems (BCN Ecologia, 2003-2004)
in charge of calculating the urban compactness and mobility indicators for the city of Barcelona, monitoring urban spaces and evolutions.
GIS specialist and focal point

Transportation modeling expert (DOYMO, 2001-2002)
Manager Assistant for the departments of Andorra and Palma de Mallorca.
Development of mobility management projects, comprehensive plans for mobility, temporary solutions to traffic

Project is part of 1st grant the global BPGRSP/ RS10 project

Consortium articulation in the country, day to day activity management, budget drafting, monitoring of city activity coordination of teams, planning and implementation of activities.

Negotiation at national and local government level as well as donor relations and international organization liaising.

2 social marketing campaigns (production, media plan and broadcast)

Advocacy activities (conferences, seminars organization and participation)

NGO engagement and alliance creation (ABROT)

implementation of 3 year media engagement strategy

Technical support and project management and implementation of the VRAM analysis in countries (Oman, Sudan, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Nigeria).

Development of GIS based protocols, databases and methods for conducting geographically based risk assessments.

Coordination of Pioneer Croudsourced Humaniatrian action project during Libya crisis (2011) for Health Facility location Collection during conflict periods
Coordination of remote teams from 3 different organizations (artucluation, definition of roles, setting conferences...)

part of M.Edu National Grant for PhD support
Professional Key Achievement

WHo E-atlas of disaster risk http://goo.gl/QpohO6
Key Professional Achievements on road Safety

Establish a road safety culture in the project cities and in the government (interdepartmental cross-cutting project)

Increase the capacity from enforcers (trough training and equipment acquisition)

Increase capacity from civil society (Brasil NGO alliance, seminars and communications)

Change of paradigm on Social marketing campaign Focus (from mild to strong content) at Federal and local level

International Experience and knowledge (professional and personal)
working/advocating with governments
working with international organizations
Donor relations

Analytical skills
database management,
maps and GIS

Good interpersonal skills, diplomacy, social skills
planning and management of activities
understanding of the needs and roles of actors (and their vanities)

Academic-international background
working with universities (evaluators, researchers...)
understanding academic vision

More language skills
(Spanish, French, Portuguese, Catalan)

All rounder highly motivated, self-starter....always with the needed touch of sense of humor!

Research and documentation of population livelihoods, urban settlements, human habitats (NCD), living patterns and organization of settlements, infrastructures and transport/traffic networks.

2 year RTW expedition (Africa, south east Asia, Oceania, Central Asia, and south America

What can I bring to the team at FIA Foundation?
Robert Colombo
Professional Experience in Spain:
Freelance Researcher for pilot startup (2008-2010)
Technical officer/project manager on Population Vulnerability and Risk Analysis & Mapping (VRAM) and Disaster Risk Reduction (Tunisia 2010-2012)
Program coordinator/manager. International Program Officer on Road Safety. (Brasil, 2012-present)

Experience in Coordination and management of international projects in the field of Road Safety, Transportation, Public Health and Geographic Information Systems with experience in developing countries in Africa and Latin America.

Funds, activities and staff management, activity implementation and evaluation, diplomacy and negotiation with partners (national and international

: Cycling, playing music (percussion), Traveling, skating
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