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Characters of The Crucible

No description

Delaney Harris

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Characters of The Crucible

Characters of The Crucible Why should I care? Who are the characters
of The Crucible? What's going to happen? Make a prediction about what YOU think will happen. Provide evidence and reasoning
You can brain storm with a partner.
Paragraphs should be 6-8 sentences. What NOT to do... I think Abigail is going to burn the town down. That chick is CRAY!!! Reverend Parris Reverend of Salem's church.
Concerned with building his position in the community,. Francis Nurse Wealthy and influential.
Respected by the people in Salem. Thomas Putnam John Proctor You need to know who the characters are These relationships have an effect on the story. You need to know about their relationships. Married to Elizabeth.
Hates hypocrisy.
Had an affair with Abigail Williams. John Proctor's wife.
Virtuous, but cold.
Fires Abigail. Elizabeth Proctor Abigail Williams John Proctor's lover.
Reverend Parris's niece.
Good liar, vindictive. Betty Parris Reverend Parris's daughter.
Slips into a stupor after Parris catches her dancing in the forest with other girls.
Sickness starts rumors of witch craft. Tituba Wealthy land-owner.
Holds a grudge against Francis Nurse.
Uses trials to take land. Reverend Parris's slave from Barbados.
Practices voodoo. Thomas Putnam's only surviving child.
Falls into a strange stupor, too.
Sickness contributes to the rumors.
Ruth Putnam Thomas Putnam's wife.
7 of her children died.
Convinced deaths are caused by witch craft. Ann Putnam Rebecca Nurse Francis Nurse's wife.
Wise, sensible.
Loved by the community Martha loves to read and is out spoke.
Giles comes to her defense at trial. The Coreys Minister who is an "expert" on witch craft.
His arrival set hysteria in motion.
Tries to right the situation. Reverend Hale Mary Warren Proctor's servant.
Easily influenced. One of the girls in Abigail's group. Mercy Lewis
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