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By: Kristina

Kristina Plakalovic

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Recycling

What is Recycling? What can be Recycled? How can we Recycle at home and at school? Facts about Recycling How can Recycling make the earth more sustainable Recycling is when you take old materials and turn it in to something new and make new products out of it. If you have a bottle, paper or plastic you might want to put it into the recycle bin. If it is something else then bottles, paper or plastic then you put it in the normal bin. Newspaper, Magazines, Mixed Paper, Card Board, Office Paper, Steel / Tins Cans, Aluminum Cans, Glass Jars, Plastic and Bottles. Start Recycling These are only some of the materials used for recycling At school: We can have recycle bins for bottles, plastic and paper and reuse the material. At home: By not throwing rubbish in the ordinary bin and throw it in the recycle bin if it is reusable. REDUCE
RECYCLE By stop littering, stop polluting the air, help people pick up rubbish, pick up after your self, reuse old materials instead of chucking things away and you should pick up rubbish on clean up Australia day. Pick up rubbish Did you know that you can reuse the same thing again and again with out buying things.
Did you know that recycling can be fun if you reuse the materials. and make something new.
Recycling is impotent for the world because if you don't recycle it will be a junk yard
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