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This Prezi is part of a lesson plan for teaching sarcasm and irony to ELL's.

Michael Garey

on 26 October 2012

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INTRODUCTION SARCASM IRONY SARCASM AND IRONY Making writing fun with Blue (level 1)
Red (levels 2-3)
Green (levels 4-5) READ AND TAKE NOTES
BASED ON GROUP COLOR I. Definition of sarcasm:
1. BLUE: To say one thing and mean a different thing.
2. RED: Saying something but meaning something else.
3. GREEN: Directly saying one thing while implying another. Nice shirt! Nice shirt... EXAMPLE 1 Mashed potatoes
are my favorite!
Mashed potatoes
are my favorite... EXAMPLE 2 This is the best day of my life! This is the best day of my life... EXAMPLE 3 PRACTICE 1 Say this sarcastically 1. That's great.
2. I would never do that.
3. I must be the king of good luck. What does it mean when you say it with sarcasm? PRACTICE 2 In your group, take turns saying something in a regular tone first, and then in a sarcastic tone. THEN 1. 2. Definition of irony:
BLUE: You think one thing will happen, and a different thing happens.
RED: The situation makes you think one thing will happen, but something else happens instead.
GREEN: The situation leads you to expect a certain outcome, but the opposite of what was expected occurs. It was sunny every day this week. You think it will stay sunny. You wash your car. A bird poops on it the next day. EXAMPLE 1 This is ironic because you thought it would stay clean in the sun. EXAMPLE 2 It has been raining and cold for weeks, and you are sick of being wet. You go to the store to buy a new jacket. This is ironic because you didn't think you'd get wet after buying the jacket. You are walking down the street, staying dry, when a bus drives past and splashes you. EXAMPLE 3 You are attempting to learn to change oil in your car to save yourself money. As soon as you've got it down the global supply of gasoline runs out, rendering both your car and your new skills useless. This is ironic because you thought your skills would be useful, but something out of your control made them useless. WHICH IS IRONIC? You are camping, but there are no fires allowed, so you bring food in cans that does not need to be cooked. (A) When you get there, you eat the food and it is not good.

(B) When you get there, you see that you forgot a can opener. WHY? WHICH IS IRONIC? WHICH IS IRONIC? WHY? WHY? You are injured in a car accident: (A) You call the ambulance to take you to the hospital, but the ambulance crashes on the way, killing all the passengers. (B) The ambulance takes you to the hospital, but you die of blood loss. Your family moved to the United States to escape religious persecution: (A) When a terrorist attack occurs in New York, everyone makes fun of you or is scared of you because you are Muslim. (B) When a terrorist attack occurs in New York, everyone supports you because your parents died. WHY IS THIS IRONIC? Group discussion GREEN RED BLUE WRITE AN IRONIC ENDING Group discussion Your mom wants you to go sledding. You are scared of getting hurt, so you stay home. The local grocery store wants to attract more customers. They decide to import fruit from Florida to have fresh fruit during the winter. Frantz spends two years in college leaning to teach English to students who speak other languages.
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