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World War II-Pacific War

Unit for WW II for 7th Grade US History per Virginia State and FCPS guidelines

James Steele

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of World War II-Pacific War

Hawaii Japan Tokyo Saipan Iwo Jima & Coral Sea Guadalcanal Philippines Manila China Manchukuo
(Manchuria) Mongolia Soviet Union Attu Island United States Alaska Pacific Ocean Indian Ocean Australia Korea Pearl Harbor Nagasaki Hiroshima Bataan The Japanese
invade and
The Philippines
April 1942 Japan had been waging war in Asia seeking to rid Asia of white colonial empires and to expand their own empire
The Japanese believed they were superior to their Asian neighbors
By 1937 Japan controlled Taiwan, Korea, and a large part of northern China (Manchuria) Japanese aggression in Asia Bataan Death March: Thousands
of American and Filipino
prisoners die when they
are forced to march 65 miles
to a Japanese prison camp. Corregidor Midway Island Turning Point of the War June 1942 U.S. and Japanese
Navies clash at the
Battle of Midway Japanese attack
December 7, 1941 The U.S. Navy sinks
many Japanese Ships
and now has the
Advantage After the
Battle of Midway,
begin an
Island Hopping
Campaign Feb-March 1945: U.S. takes the island of Okinawa April 1945: U.S. takes the island of FDR dies on
April 12, 1945.
Vice President Truman
becomes president Ending the War August 6, 1945: U.S. drops the
atomic bomb on the Japanese
city of Hiroshima killing 70,000
people August 8, 1945:
Soviet Union declares
war on Japan & invades
Manchuria August 9, 1945:
Second atomic bomb
on Nagasaki instantly
killing 40,000 people August 10, 1945
Japan Surrenders World War II
in the Pacific During WW II
J. Robert Oppenheimer
led U.S. Scientists to
develop the
first atomic bomb
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