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Why does it thunder?

No description

Karen Callis

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of Why does it thunder?

Jasmine Williams
Why does it thunder?
You should always stay indoors during a thunderstorm. Since places near the equator is hot, there may be alot of thunderstorms there. A normal thunderstorm streches for about 15 miles and lastest for about 30 minutes.
You should avoid, standing under trees, light poles,and flag poles during a thunderstorm . You should also avoid any type of metal such as, fences and bleachers. At home, you should avoid corded phones, if you need to call someone use a cordless phone or a cell phone.
What do you avoid during a thunderstorm?
What's a Storms?
Where can you find more information?
If you count the seconds between a lighting flash and a clap of thunder, then divide the seconds by 5, is one way to tell how far away a storm is. Sometimes storms can become a severe storm, this means it can produce a tornado.
You can find this information or more information at wonderpolis. You can also find information in a book called "THUNDERSTORMS."
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