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bryson newhook

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

where is comes from Is it still in existence vaccine symptoms horse and mice have a special DNA which makes them immune to WNV. The West Nile virus comes from a type of mosquito. there is no known vaccine for WNV at this point in time, but scientist are trying to find a cure every since the new york outbreak in 1999
1. fever
2. headache
3. body aches
4. skin rash and trunk of body
5. swollen glandes animals West Nile Virus The mosquito lives in tropical places the west nile virus is still a deadly virus in existence today. the most common place to find this virus is in tropical places. there have been several outbreaks before new york, before 3 outbreaks the WNV was considered a minor virus. in kids in adults 1. headache
2. high fever
3. neck stiffness
4. stupor
5. disorientation
6. come
7. tremors
8. paralization
9. death scientists are trying to find a way to use
horse or mouse DNA to make a vaccine. By:Bryson.n
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