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The Prophet Ezekiel

Group project for Old Testament

Marc Schneier

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of The Prophet Ezekiel

3 Topics for Ezekiel
1. Historical Context
2. Main Message
3. Modern Application
Main Message
Main Message
Historical Context
De Smet Jesuit High School
Modern Application
Nebuchadnezzar was the ruler at the time (c. 590 BC)
Taken to Babylon along with 3,000 others during Exile
Babylonians exiled top 10%
Lived in Babylon with his wife
Exiled Jews sought out his advice
Visions of Israel's Future
Foretelling of the Destruction of Jerusalem
God works through human messengers

Foretelling of the New Jerusalem
God's Kingdom will come

1. Blank, Wayne. Daily Bible Study.
"God will strengthen"
Ezekiel's Vision of Israel
If Ezekiel proclaimed his visions of destruction to today's society, many would view him as crazy.
Predicting the Apocalypse
Scare tactics
Ezekiel is similar to many modern priests
told the people exiled that he could not help their condition but that God had the power to
c. 622 BC - Ezekiel's Birth in Jerusalem
c. 597 BC- Ezekiel taken to Babylon
c. 592 BC- Ezekiel recognizes call to be a Prophet
c. 592-587 BC- Ezekiel proclaims destruction of Jerusalem
c. 587 BC- Destruction of Jerusalem by Babylonians
c. 572 - Ezekiel's vision of New Jerusalem
c. 570 BC- Death of Ezekiel in Babylon
By A.S. Van Der Woude

By Wayne Blank:


By S. Michael Houdmann

New American Bible: Fireside Study Edition
572 BC - Vision of a new Jerusalem
Jon Riordan
Marc Schneier
Alex Weber
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