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Animal Farm

No description

trinidad m

on 14 January 2011

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Transcript of Animal Farm

Animal Farm Down and Out in Paris and London The Road to Wigan Pier Homage to Catalonia Nineteen Eighty-Four Eric Arthur Blair AKA George Qrwell
(June 25 1903-January 21 1950) Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 He was an english author and journalist
Eric went to school in England at Eton College
From 1922 to 1927 served as India Police in Burma Mr.Jones owns Manor Farm
Old Major assemble the animals for a meeting.
He tells the other animals about his dream and to let them know that they have to come together and fight "the man".
Life on the farm for the animals is very hard.
They work all day for free and when they get too weak and unable to work on the farm they get killed.
So the animals decide to take over the farm.
Old Major teaches the animals the words to a song called "Beasts of England".
Mr.Jones thinks that a fox is trying to get the animals so he shot his gun which breaks the animal meeting. Old Major dies
The three main Pigs on the farm is Snowball, Napoleon and Squealer.
Animalism=the teachings of Old Major
Bourgousie=the upper class
the animals begin to make the rules,like no clothing, no sleeping in a beds.
The animals renamed the farm from Manor Farm to Animal Farm.
The pigs come up with the seven commandments which are....
1.Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.
2.Whatever goes upon four legs,or has wings,is a
3.No animals shall wear clothes.
4.No animals shall sleep in a bed.
5.No animals shall drink alcohol.
6.No animals shall kill any other animal.
7.All animals are equal. The animals run Mr.Jones and men out of Manor farm.
At this point the animals are running the farm by themself and the pigs supervise the others.
The pigs teach the other animals how to read and write but some of the animals are very dumb (sheep).
"Four legs good,two legs bad." The pigs make it easier for the slower animals understand the 7 commandments.
Napoleon takes the puppies away from their mother.
The pigs are drinking the milk and eating the apples. At this point you can see that all the animlas are not treated equal. Mr.Pilkington owns Foxwood Farm
Mr.Frederick owns Pinchfield Farm
Snowball prepares the animal for battle using an old book of Julius Caesar.
During the Battle of Cowshed Mollie hide under some hay in the barn because the gun shot scared her.
Boxer kills a human and he feels really bad which shows how lovable he is,but on the other hand Snowball is ruthlessness when Boxer tells him how he feels.
The animals call the battle the Battle of the Cowshed.
After their victory the animal celebrate in a human way,by giving the animals medals and gave a funeral to the dead. Mollie betray the ideals of Animal Farm by letting a human talk and touch her.
Napoleon and Snowball are always disagree with each others points.
Snowball has an idea to improve the conditions on the farm by building a windmill.
Napoleon urinates on Snowball plans.
At the metting to talk about the windmill Napoleon sent his dogs to attack Snowball but Snowball got away just in time.
Then Napoleon takes the plans for the windmill and tells the animals that Snowball stole his idea.
One of the seven commandment is no longer in effect which is All animals are equal.
Squealer convinces the other animal that Napoleon is helping them out when he is really not.
"Surely commands,you do not want Jones back". That phrase always stop any arguments
Boxer say-"Napoleon is always right" and "I will work harder" The animals are working like slaves and also now they work on Sundays.When Snowball was somewhat in charge they did not have to work on Sunday.
Napoloen is now living in the farm house,which was supposed to be a museum.
The animals are willing to work so hard because if they do not their food will be cut.
Without Boxer the windmill will not be possible.
"All animals were equal"but the pigs never do any work.
The animals are forced to trade with the other farms because they are no longer able to provide for themself.
Also Napoleon wants the hens to give up their eggs,"It will a sacrifice for the farm".
When anything bad goes wrong on the farm Snowball is used as a scapegoat.
The pigs are now sleeping in bed,which is breaking one of the seven commandments....No animals shall sleep in a bed. The animals wanted to finish the rebuilding of the windmill because they knew that the outside world was watching them and they did not want the humans happy and triumph if the windmill was not finish on time.
Life on Animal farm is alot worst from the start of the book, they had to trick the humans to think that the condition on the farm was better than they really were.
When the hens had to surrender all their eggs the hens tried to protest back but it did not work because Napoleon punished them and nine hens die.
Seven animals are killed because they confess to be on Snowball and Jones side.
Boxer even does not believe that Snowball is a traitor.
The animals are now forbidding to sing "Beasts of England".
The new song is completely different from "Beasts of England" was a song to symoblize rebellion and the new song is to make the animals come together. Napoleon has new names..."Our leader" or "Comrade Napoleon".
Napoleon sold the timber to Mr.Frederick.
The humans attack Animal Farm again, but this time they use dynamite to blow up apart the windmill the animals were building.
The pigs celebrate by dressing up in clothes and drinking alcohol. The pigs are now more human than pigs, they do all the things that they are not suppose to do.
the other animals on the farm are straving and just living very poorly.On the other hand the pigs are living happily.
The animals have to build the windmill again!
Boxer gets injured really bad and to the pigs he is useless now because he can work anymore,so they send him to the glue factory:(
With the money that the pigs make for Boxer they buy whisky Alot of years has gone by and the animals are happy that their is no more work
The pigs are now human because they now walk on two legs.
"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."
Mr.Pilkington congratulates the pigs on running the farm.
Animal Farm name changes back to Manor Farm. Russian Revolution 1917

The Russian Revolution of 1917 is also called the Bolshevik Revolution or the October Revolution. In 1917 there were actually two revolutions in Russia. One was the February Revolution in which the Tsar abdicated his throne and the Provisional Government took power. The other was the October Revolution in which the Provisional Government was overthrown by the Bolsheviks.
The Russian Revolution of 1917 played a very important role in world history and also a major role in the history of the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Baltic peoples also played a major role in the 1917 Revolution, particularly the Latvian Bolsheviks who comprised a key portion of the Red Guards that defended the Bolsheviks at a crucial time in its early existence( Litwin). Sable,Satire and Allergory

Its a fable because of its full meanings and messages relating to the importance of freedom in any society.
Its a satire because Orwell indirectly attacks on the Russian Communism, on Stalinism.
Its an allegory because a lot of things in the book represent things that really happened. Animal Farm Characters
Old Major ....Marxism(Lenin
Mr.Jones....Czar Nicholas
Moses...Russian Orthodox Church
Animal Rebellion....Russian Revolution of 1917
Napoleon's Dogs....Secret Police
Mr.Pilkington....England (Churchill)
Mr.Fredrick...Germany (Hitler)
Mollie....the bourgeoisie
Boxer....the working class THE END !!! R.I.P Boxer
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