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Elizabeth Freiburger

we beat the streets

Jefferson Middle

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Elizabeth Freiburger

WE BEAT THE STREETS By: Elizabeth Freiburger Statistic=numeral facts about people
Exasperation=extreme annoyance
Prosector=the lawyer who takes charge
Ridicule= bullying or teasing
Dynamo=a machine that produces electricity
Sullenly=silent because of a bad temper or anger
Exulted=rejoicing greatly WORDS 1.Because it encourages kids to never give up
2.It's a true story its not just
made up
3.The endividual conversations
with each doctor at the end of
each chapter
4.It tells you that just because
your childhood was bad doesn't mean your future will be bad too
5.The three doctors tell facts about their life and that it can happen to anybody WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK MESSAGE FROM AUTHOR DRAWING DESCRIPTION "Don't be afraid to stand up for what's right-be a leader instead of a follower" I think one day every single person will have to make the decison to be a leader or follower whether it's over drugs,what your going to have for lunch or some sort of club you want to do.But what ever the topic might be, you have to think what is best for you and if you feel comfortable doing that. CHARACTER TRAIT SAMPSON RAMECK GEORGE POOR RESPONSIBLE COURAGEOUS BECAUSE HE STOOD UP AND TOLD RAMECK AND SAMPSON THAT THEY COULD MAKE IT TO COLLEGE BECAUSE HE GAVE UP THE MONEY FROM HIS GRANDMA TO HIS MOM TO PUT THE ELECTRICITY BACK ON BUT INSTEAD SHE USED IT FOR DRUGS BECAUSE INSTAED OF BUYING THE ICEES FROM JACKS STORE HE STOLE THEM WITH SOME FRIENDS AND GOT CAUGHT Sampson Davis Rameck Hunt George Jenkins The three trouble makers (Rameck,Sampson, and George) Rameck the ring leader has a full can of bright pink silly string and he's going to visit the biology teacher because Rameck liked making her angry and pushing her buttons.The three boys knocked on her classroom door, she seemed angry that she had been interrupted.But before she could say anything Rameck lifted up the full can of silly string and pulled the trigger and a bright pink web of sily string covered the biology teachers astonished face, and before she could react to what just happened, the three boys took off running down the empty and unusually quiet halls. We Beat The Streets By: the three doctors -Dr.Sampson Davis
-Dr.George Jenkins
-Dr.Rameck Hunt
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