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Innovations & Inventions

No description

Melissa Jennings

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Innovations & Inventions

What is an Innovation? What is an Invention?
Innovation: occurs when someone improves upon or makes a signficant improvement to a product, process, or service.
21st century example: the iPod! Steve Jobs wasn't first to create a portable musical device (Sony's "Walkman" was) or MP3 player, but it certainly made MAJOR improvements!

Invention: the creation & introduction of a product, service, or a process for the first time. It is unique.
21st Century example: the Segway (invented by Dean Kamen)

Why are inventions important?
Meets needs
Improves the way we live
(Think-- what if Alexander Grahm Bell never invented the telephone)
Creates new businesses & new jobs
Lets look at some famous inventors & innovators!
Why is innovation important?
Creates new businesses and jobs
Global Society- we are all connected, we need to compete
Improves old ideas!
Can kids be innovators and Inventors?
OF COURSE! See these videos!
Innovations & Inventions
Innovator: Steve Jobs
Famous Inventors
Kid Inventors
Innovators: A young App developer
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