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No description

noor khalifa

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of religion

the ten modern commandments In the present, many of our living habits and requirements have changed, and because of this change, our surroundings were also impacted. therefore, we always need to adapt anything new in a very quick, and undisturbed way! since the ten commandments and the beattitudes are no longer relevant, i created my own ten modern commandments that teenagers would follow willingly. Enjoy life. Rest and treat yourself well.Take the weekend off. Take vacations follow what you belief, look up to, and have faith in don't look upon your friend's girlfriend/boyfriend Don't you want to see what teenagers think about it ?????? do not steal Don't use cell-phones in a bad way,and don't believe all you read on the WWW, and don't pass on stupid e-mails. Do not sneak out when your parents are sleeping, and always obey them let's see what teens think about it?? do not bully , and do not drink alcohol split your time and make it equal between praying and listening to music,or whatever you want to do! Date every six months, so you don't show your previous girlfriend that u didn't like her and that you forgot about her that fast. the end
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