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5 key map elements

No description

John Avant

on 27 July 2016

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Transcript of 5 key map elements

Different Kinds of Maps
5 Key Elements of a Map
#1 Map Key
#2 Map Title
In the 6th box answer the following:
1. Explain which element is the most important in at least 2 sentences
2. Write what the map title and key tell us.
3. Explain in at least 3 sentences how you can use a map in everyday life
Compass Rose= tells the
direction on the map,
North, South, East, West

Longitude=lines that run up and down a map
Latitude=lines that run side to side on a map
#4-Map Scale
Helps understand distance on a map versus real life
#3-Map Symbol
A graphic, color dot, line, etc. that stands for something else on a map
Bellwork August 29, 2014
-Take out a sheet of paper and as a group write down everything you can about the map on your table (front and back)
-Example: What is it a map of? What does the map mean? Names of things on the map. etc.
-Be sure to talk quietly amongst your group because the group that writes down the most things wins green hall cash
Map Activity
Contest Update
Last week: Total:
1st P=2pts 1P=3pts
2nd P=3pts 2P=4pts
4th P=4pts 4P=5pts
5th P=2pts 5P=4pts
6th P=3pts 6P=5pts
7th Grade Leader: 6th Period
8th Grade Leader: 4th Period
Top Prizes for Table Contests
-If your table wins the contest for tables the table will decide on the following prizes:
-Krispy Kreme -Candy -Cupcakes
-Popcorn -Cookies -Lowest Grade

-*We will crown winners in this contest within the next 2-3 weeks*
These two elements
help you understand what is going on in a map
-For this short project (25 points) you will individually draw a map of anything that you would like. You must include:
-The five key elements of a map (at least 3 symbols and an attempt at scale)
-Color, do not just leave your map white

Maps in Interactive Notebook
-On page ___ in your interactive notebook draw a vertical line to split the page in two parts
-Next draw two horizontal lines to split the page into 6 boxes
-Write 5 Key map elements on the top of the page as the title
-Number the boxes 1-5 and leave one block blank
-When you have finished be sure to write Map Elements in your table of contents
Bellwork: Copy into the 5th Box in interactive notebook and answer questions in 6th
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