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Down Syndrome

No description

Julia Ortiz

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Down Syndrome

Survival rate
The life expectancy for someone who has Down Syndrome is 55-60 years.
Down Syndrome
Life style
Your sibling will have to go through early childhood intervention.

Which is basically a mixture of physical/occupational/speech therapy, frequent doctor visits, and sometimes appointments with specialized doctors.

Researchers are trying to figure out the genes that cause Down syndrome, and they're trying to stop the coping of the extra genes. It's the copy of the extra genes on chromosome 21. Which means there are just too many copies of that particular gene.
There are some incredible organizations that will help your parents and you to get more involved in the Down Syndrome society.

-Down syndrome Association of South Texas
- National Down Syndrome Society (out of state)
- International Down Syndrome Coalition
Castellanos, Mary Ann. Personal interview. 14 Jan. 2014.

Gunsburg , Dr.. Phone interview. 5 Feb. 2014.

Skallerup, Susan J.. Babies with Down syndrome: a new parents' guide. 3rd ed. Bethesda, MD: Woodbine House, 2008. Print.
Down Syndrome
How do we test for this disorder?
We do a chromosome test that checks to see how many chromosomes the a person has
What does this mean for your sibling?
No treatments are necessary or medicine unless they have a special condition that requires it like heart disease or Leukemia (Cancer) .
Please remember,
Down Syndrome a genetic condition which your brother/sister has a total of 47 chromosomes instead of the usual 46.
This is a non disjunction disorder which means that there are 3 copies of the 21 chromosome.

Their appearance will be slightly different from other children, they may have unique medical problems, and they will have an intellectual disability.
You're sibling is a miracle, and just because they have this genetic disorder doesn't mean that you should love them any less.
They are so special and a they deserve all the love in the world and I know that you'll be a great brother/sister.
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